Responsibility for the war in Libya is on China and the Russian Federation (Le Nouvel Observateur, France)

Responsibility for the war in Libya is on China and Russia ("Le Nouvel Observateur", France)Yes, we must recognize that what is happening in Libya is actually the result of the irresponsible behavior of the 2-states. China and brought home our own contribution to the war NATO against Libya Muammar Gaddafi. 2-fearfulness of these countries — a real shame for the entire population. And the fact that China is now howling in whole voice, looks surprisingly very little. So what's the reason? Apparently, these countries felt that this conflict would be a "lightning war."

In general, this is grim hypocrisy of this farcical charade looks just awkward. At this point, at the time as NATO For two months in a row killing babies in Tripoli, China realizes that the protraction of the conflict can reincarnate Gaddafi in living icon. Under the blow hit his family, in the sight of all the Libyans to make their sufferers. Well, at least, all those members of his family that were killed by NATO fighter 29-year-old son, Saif al-Arab and three granddaughters. In this regard, immediately come to mind South American raids since Reagan, during which the adopted daughter was killed by the Libyan leader.

Although most of NATO's obviously beyond the mandate of the UN Security Council, we were surprised to notice that no one dares to tell the truth or to protest. All we litsezreem, a continuation of the same political propaganda of Gaddafi as ever blame all the sins and call those responsible for the tragic action. One day, we need to say "stop" of the fascist coalition, a large pile of heresy, which rises above the day or a day of general relativity, and say that Obama and others Gaddafi are ruthless monsters. I weighed every word.

The lives of ordinary Libyans for their mean nothing. NATO bombing of two months does not give a relaxed sleep around Tripoli. All this is simply to move Muammar Gaddafi? No to arrange chaos in the country, and then control it from a position of absolute power. Imagine a situation akin to Paris, New York, London or Washington, DC: Government's position would become only stronger in the criteria of external threat …

Does "victory" or a faster "propaganda" of U.S. intelligence on bin Laden's elimination, that NATO, in the end, would react favorably to the call of China ceasefire Libya? It remains the hope that it will be so, otherwise the world in Libya without Gaddafi at the helm, which insist fools of Benghazi and their Arab allies or NATO did not come. This is a wrong target.

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