Results of analyzes of orange snow in the Carpathian region




Became known to the first results of analyzes of orange snow in the Carpathian region

Orange snow that fell on the territory of Transcarpathia, non-toxic and poses no radiation hazard.

This is evidenced by the first results of analyzes of samples of snow unusual color, taken in the tract "BAM" in the village of Verhovyna Fast and the stadium sat Uzhok. The results of chemical analysis will be known in a few days.

Snow various shades from yellow to orange, and grayish ash was observed on Monday, February 23, the residents of the villages Quiet, STCA, Lubna, meadow, and Uzhok Volosyanka, Velikobereznyansky region of Transcarpathia.

According to a resident of the village Volosyanka, on this day, after 15 minutes of normal snow began to fall orange snow which has covered the ground about a centimeter layer. Snow unusual color lay all day, and on the morning of Tuesday, February 24, went back the familiar white snow.

However, the unusual phenomenon did not attach much importance, since the year before last here a few times dropped yellow rain.

In the State Ecological Inspectorate Velikobereznyansky district does not deny these facts, but note that they all occurred during a violent flowering cherry trees and other fruit trees, the pollen of which, according to experts, and the rain gave a yellowish tint. On the same orange snow agency has faced for the first time and could not yet give any definite conclusions about the reasons for its occurrence.

Ivan Geleban: "For his years of service for the first time I see this!" Photo Emergency

In place of an accident left a mobile team in the emergency department of the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine, headed by the first deputy head of the Ivan Geleban. The group left environmentalists and workers sanepidstantsii who took samples of snow.

Meanwhile, the Polish TV channels reported that the same snow fell on the territory of Poland and Italy, where people are encouraged to refrain from drinking water. In Transcarpathia, such steps are taken, however, the Provincial Department of MES and SES Velikobereznyansky tightened control over drinking water.

Some accuse the Polish edition of the anomalies in the appearance of one of the chemical plants in Ukraine, although there are similar enterprises in Poland, and in the nearby Slovakia. Emergency Management Transcarpathia with the Hydrometeorological began extensive studies of the wind rose in the period when the snow fell unusual color. Once installed will be an accurate picture of the directions of motion of clouds, it will be possible to establish the perpetrators if the anomaly has deytsvitelno chemical origin.

There are also versions that the strange color of the snow can be caused by winds from northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Of based on DSP UMCHS in the Transcarpathian region of Ukraine.


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