River Information System for inland waterways of Ukraine

The company "Transas" delivered and commissioning of hardware and software information system on the River Dnieper River. The system is part of the National River Information Services (RIS) on inland waterways of Ukraine and also covers the waters of the Danube River. Created by order of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, RIS "Dnepr" includes the latest developments of the company, including in the field of e-navigation, and has no analogues in the CIS.

River Information Services "Dnepr" was developed in order to ensure safe and efficient river navigation European level. RIS is designed to provide interested users operational and background information about the conditions of navigation on the waterway, about the movement and deployment of the fleet, the state waterworks and waterways, traffic flow and traffic flow. FIGURE control center is located in Odessa. In addition to the control center of the system consists of subcenters on the rivers Dnieper and Danube, as well as automatic positions on the Dnieper, which are combined into a single network.

The core of the system is a hardware-software complex network of base stations, AIS-based software Transas AIS Network AIS base stations and T-214 production company "Transas".

A feature of this project is the presence in its composition specially developed information of Web-portal (http://ukrris.com.ua), with which there is an integration of information from different subsystems RIS and providing it to users in real time.   

In FIGURE implemented a number of elements of e-navigation, including the ability to automatic exchange of information via the AIS, the automatic sending of messages to the ship, monitoring of the navigation software using technology AIS AtoN, data transfer and GNSS differential corrections, etc.

Innovation honors the developed system is a procedure for the preparation and mailing of notices to skippers can automatically translate the electronic notification by 24 European languages. This solution, the implementation of which is now just beginning in Europe, creates the conditions for foreign vessels navigating in the GDP of Ukraine. It should be noted that, in accordance with the terms of reference in the software and hardware complex RIS provides an interface for a possible exchange of information on navigation in real-time with similar services in neighboring countries.

The advantages of RIS "Dnepr" and are providing information about the current deployment of the fleet on the waterway with direct display on electronic maps, the ability to display on the map patterns and location of ports, gateways, bridges, hydroelectric power stations, check flights and securing the passage of checkpoints on GDP that allows you to collect statistics on the ship and cargo flows.

According to experts, the RIS "Dnepr" meets all international standards and most of the main parameters is comparable to, and in many ways superior to the best European counterparts from Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Germany. One of Europe's leading experts on the work of RIS, co-author of the general concept of the construction of RIS in Europe Marc Persoons (Belgium) said that the project for implementation of RIS in the national GDP of Ukraine is of high quality and meets the requirements of the EU directive.

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