Rivers of oil in Arkansas: many people were unaware that under their homes tube passes

City of Mayflower, Arkansas experts are trying to clean up the oil that spilled after a pipe break Exxon-Mobil. It is already established that the mixture flooded the streets — it's not just oil and tar sands, which is more toxic. According to local residents, many of them do not even know that pipe runs under the houses.


22 families have been evacuated and are now waiting for officials from the "green light" to go home. The discontent of the local people is growing every day — drenched black muck house cordoned off by the police, people were accommodated at the hotel, but they do not report even approximate time fix the problem.

"On Sunday afternoon I came home and the door was a letter from Exxon with apologies for the inconvenience — said in an interview with RT Chris Harrell, one of the residents of the city, whose house is almost not affected by the spill. — And those who were forced to evacuate, the oil company promised to offset the cost. But our neighbors pay at the hotel at your own expense. And they did not find a representative Exxon, which the company says should be in every local hotel, so people can get your money back. "

The main problem that worries now the majority of citizens — a long-term negative impact of the incident on the region as environmental and financial.

"Many people do not know that the pipeline runs under their houses!" — Said Harrell.

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