Rivne region on mass killing wild ducks


Rivne region 27.11.12.Na mass killing wild ducks. In place of the findings immediately arrived officers of the regional emergency department.

After a thorough examination of the scene in the room Zdolbunivska district administration held a meeting Antiepizootic Commission district in which each service has been defined a set of measures in connection with the death of the birds. The staff of veterinary medicine and sanitation centers selected to five live and dead wild ducks for the necessary examinations. As well as research samples were collected from water and soil.

Prior to establishing the cause of death bird hunting and fishing in this pond was banned. Local law enforcement officers put around the water patrol posts and hung relevant ads. However, in order to sensitize the population was carried out bypassing nearby private homes.

Meanwhile, rescue officers, wearing protective gear, began collecting the dead birds.

Siltation due to strong bottom movement fighters MOE pond was extremely difficult. Besides the strong waves smashed troupe of ducks almost the entire area of 36 ha pond.

But by nightfall all the dead bird, almost 300 goals, has been collected in the insulating bags and loaded into a special car that same day brought the dead ducks to an appropriate disposal.

Now the situation on the ponds near Zdolbunovo constantly monitored and is under control of the leadership of the Chief of Emergency Management.


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