Robot surgeon started killing patients


Da Vinci robot used for surgical operations, was installed in hospitals worldwide. At first, doctors were delighted with the four-armed "colleagues" but recently became aware of disturbing incidents.

The company Intuitive Surgical to simplify the duties of surgeons create a robot with four mechanical arms and a tiny telescope that transmits an image of the operated organ.

Doctors are not near the patient, and run through a special da Vinci console, focusing on 3D-image is displayed on the screen.

The unit is equipped with cutting tools that make tiny incisions. This significantly reduces blood loss, risk of bleeding, and the patient's overall recovery time.

It is natural that many hours of operation are less tiring for the surgeons. In addition, the robot has one important advantage — mechanical hand never falter.

Handy Assistant da Vinci was used to carry out operations such as gastric bypass surgery, removal of the prostate and gallbladder, restore the mitral valve, organ transplantation, and many others.

However, reports of problems with medical devices made doctors wary. Reports filed by surgeons include the following incidents:

— woman's death, which came as a result of accidental cuts robot blood vessels;

— surgery on the spleen with a fatal outcome;

— perforation of the colon at the time of operating the prostate;

— capture the robotic arm of internal tissues during rectal surgery;

"We had to disconnect the system to decompress the capture device", — said the doctor, who fought with the da Vinci. According to the report, the patient was not injured.

— slap in the face of one of the patient's four mechanical limbs, which occurred during a hysterectomy. No one knows what would have ended surgery if the surgeon has not begun to direct the performance of their duties.

"Research has shown that the risks associated with the use of a robot, significantly understated. Rapid introduction of the device da Vinci was done without assessing its options. We know of cases of catastrophic complications after operations performed with the aid of mechanical hands," — said the surgeon from the University of Martin Makary of Johns Hopkins (Martin Makary).

This attack said company spokeswoman Angela Vonson Intuitive Surgical (Angela Wonson): "The Da Vinci system has excellent safety record, and the total number of adverse events is low."

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