Robotic quality check at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant

At the end of February 2011 Ulyanovsk Automobile announced the recall of three thousand cars, which showed a faulty brake hose. This event was not just another service campaign to correct the errors: for "UAZ" is part of a larger campaign, which should explain to the buyer that the Russian off-road vehicles is getting better.

Convince consumers that should and quality control system, which is implemented on the plant since 2004 — along with the start of production of "Patriots", but its refinement resulted in the 2009-2010 year. It was she who, according to representatives of "UAZ", has made it possible to increase the guarantee from two to three years, and the maximum range of cars — from 50 to 100 thousand kilometers. In early March, "Avto.Lentu" invited to the Ulyanovsk plant to demonstrate now for the "UAZ" the word "quality".

Full review here.

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