Rogozin acquainted with the work on the Almaz-Antey and Krylovskaya SSC

During a working visit to St. Petersburg Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, Russia visited the largest research and production association — Concern PVO "Almaz — Antey" and FSUE "Krylovskiy State Scientific Center". 

Currently in the Obukhov factory in accordance with the city's program output of industrial enterprises from the center of St. Petersburg, a project of creating the North-Western Regional Centre (SZRTS) of JSC "Concern PVO" Almaz — Antey ".

In the reconstructed and newly constructed housing unified scientific-industrial complex transform group companies — JSC "Russian Institute of Radio Navigation and Time," of the "Order of the Red Banner All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Radio", JSC "Special Design Bureau of Machine Building", "Plant radio equipment "(ZRTO), JSC" GOZ Obukhov plant. "

Deputy Prime Minister of Russia visited the construction site of SZRTS, got acquainted with the production sites of "ZRTO" and production complex of "GOZ Obukhov plant" for the production of modern air defense.

The project to create SZRTS will preserve, optimize and upgrade the existing production, improve their performance, to ensure full utilization of production capacity, as well as the release of more than 40 hectares in the city, including the historic center of St. Petersburg.

In Krylovskaya State Research Centre of Dmitry Rogozin, familiarized himself with the test benches, as well as the construction of a new ice pool, which will be carried out modeling studies operation in ice breakers, seagoing vessels and offshore engineering structures.

In particular, we are talking about the challenges of the ice load platforms for the Arctic shelf of Russia, including the Shtokman gas field. The new research center ice tank will be 3 times greater than the existing conditions and provide as close to a real ice conditions. Deputy Prime Minister of Russia was also presented a unique research training complex, designed for training and simulations in marine operations.

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