Rogozin had caught Obama in a lie

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, has criticized the proposal of U.S. President Barack Obama's nuclear arms reduction by one-third relative to the limits. According to him, this initiative demonstrates a profound lack of professionalism of the American side. He also noted that Russia can not perceive these initiatives seriously, but will continue to act in the interests of national security.


Russian Deputy Prime MinisterDmitry Rogozin, has criticized the proposal of U.S. President Barack Obama to reduce nuclear arsenal, and accused him of bluffing and incompetence. "It (the initiative Obama) means either does not understand the nature or openly lie, bluff, dissemble, or to show a deep lack of professionalism" — said Rogozin.

Deputy Prime Minister finds it impossible to conduct negotiations between Russia and the U.S. on this issue as long as Washington is developing its missile defense system.

"How can one develop a missile defense system capable of intercepting strategic nuclear potentials of the other country and to raise the issue of the further reduction of strategic nuclear capability?"— Surprised Rogozin. Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that Washington does not intend to give up any of its limitations defense system in any geographic or in terms of quantity. Rogozin also said that in 2018 the planned deployment of U.S. missile defense elements in Poland poor fit with the officially declared version of the danger posed by Iran, reportsRBC.

Deputy Prime Minister pointed out that theToday the U.S. and NATO are not able to completely suppress the Russian nuclear potential. "And what will happen tomorrow, if we carelessly disarm, as it has already done in the Gorbachev era?" — Ask Rogozin.

According to him, the U.S. is offering to do the same, while maintaining its plans to develop a missile defense system. "These things obviously do not comply. Quite obvious that the top political leadership in Russia can not take these statements seriously," — said Rogozin.

He stressed that, in its defense policyRussia will be guided not so much by public political guarantees, as the technical possibilities of the countryguarantee under the most adverse scenarios for their own security.

Recall that Barack Obama during a keynote speech at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, said the U.S. is ready to start negotiations with Russia to reduce nuclear arsenals. He added that in 2016 the United States will be a summit on the issue of security of nuclear materials around the world. Washington will seek ratification of the United States in 2016 of the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. Obama will call for it and other countries.

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