Rogozin: Social networks — are elements of modern cyber-warfare against Russia

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin believes social networking one of the elements of cyber warfare, including against Russia.


"Through them, is a powerful manipulation of public opinion, because all sorts of" likes "and other buttons that you click there, you immediately enter into certain groups, which are then analyzed, systematized," — said Rogozin, speaking in the framework of the project "Civil university" in Moscow.

According to him, it gives the opportunity to work with people who, for example, hold opposing views and manipulated through open social networks, introducing the individual segments, invisible to all other users of the resources.

"This increases the number of people who are starting to get a special custom content information that undermines the authority of the government and the values of the state. We know that it is actively used," — said the deputy head of the Russian government.

Rogozin said that this sort of thing in the United States is engaged in even the State Department, where a special department. He added that he had met with the head of the unit, which is actively working "on the application of social media to achieve the United States of America, its military use non-military means."

Deputy Prime Minister added that cyber war for NATO already been the subject of military threats and military response, Russia and monitors these processes.

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