Rokatenda reawakened volcano in eastern Indonesia

February 4, 2013. Vulcan Rokatenda in the eastern Indonesian province of East Nusa Tenggara again woke up over the weekend, throwing into the atmosphere chetyrehkilometrovoy column of volcanic ash that covered the then territory of several areas of the island Flores, said on Monday, the newspaper Jakarta Post.

"Volcano ash fell asleep and observation post, located 17 kilometers from the mountain Rokatenda"- Said working there at the Center for Volcanology and Geological Risk reduction (TSVSGR) Indonesia Tova Chiba Petrus (Towa Tiba Petrus).

Besides, he added, is the expiration of the volcano lava, and began to suffer respiratory problems local residents are forced to wear a mask. According to one of the inhabitants of the opposite (south) coast of Flores, due to emission of ash even in places you can not see the sky, the newspaper notes.

Located on the island of Palue near the north coast of Flores volcano, sometimes also referred Palue, rises above the sea of Flores in the 875 meters, but its base is about three kilometers under water. His last strong eruption in 1928 led to the formation of a strong tsunami.

Last fall, nearly 200 residents were forced to Rokatendy slopes because of the powerful emission of ash to escape to the nearby town of Maumere. TSVSGR announced on the slopes of the volcano alert the second (penultimate) level and called for about 6,000 residents of villages on the slopes of a "fiery mountain" temporary refuge in the settlements, which are farther from the crater. Since level Anxiety was demoted to the third level, but volcano continues to create problems for local residents.

Source: RIA Novosti

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