Rome filled portraits of Vladimir Putin

Thus, young Italians express their protest against the intervention in Syria and the dominance of sexual minorities.

 "I have to Putin" — says the signature on the posters of the Russian president, appeared on all the major streets of Rome a couple of days ago. This passage — the work of the newly revived right movement "National Front" by the famous Italian politician Adriano Tilgera. Thus activists, mostly young people, have decided to protest against the American intervention in Syria, as well as against the domination of sexual minorities in Europe.

"In doing so, we would like to express my agreement with Russia to ban gay advocacy and adoption of children by homosexual couples, as well as to thank Russia for its unwavering stance on Syria", — stressed the representatives of the movement.

Since yesterday morning, Mayor of Rome is doing everything possible to remove the posters that were put up illegally, but at night their numbers only increased. However, two days before, while local LGBT associations did not apply to the Capitol, they quietly flaunted on every corner and never stopped anyone, because in addition to the above signature does not contain any slogans.

It is worth noting that many of the youth movement, not only of the left and right-wing Catholic organization but also with each other, on the Internet and in the press is often referred to Russia not only as "the last bastion of healthy humanity" it for the position of our country and its citizens about the creeping threat. And I must say that so someone who is, and the Romans have suffered a lot from it. That there is even a so-called "Free State of Gay Village" — a ghetto on the outskirts of the eternal city for more than a month irritating citizens hype with the slogan "We have a border, but there are no limits." But in addition, fans of unconventional "love", the entrance to the territory of the "free state" which, by the way, is from 8 to 18 euros, free invitations sent out to educational institutions, including schools.

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