Rosatom increased uranium production by 35% in 2011

State Corporation "Rosatom" in 2011 increased its production of uranium by 35% compared with 2010, said the head of Rosatom Sergey Kiriyenko reporters on Friday.

"The volume of uranium mining have increased by 35 percent (in 2011 — IF)," — he said.

As a part of Rosatom management is engaged in uranium mining assets of "ARMZ" (ARMZ).

ARMZ production results for 2011 will consolidate its 51.4% interest in the production of one of the largest public companies uranium Uranium One. Uranium One in 2011 increased uranium production by 45%, to a record 4,840 tons. Thus, the share of ARMZ Uranium One Uranium production is estimated at 2,488 tons.

ARMZ not disclose data on production for the last year before the publication of the annual report. According to data from the annual report for the year 2010 ARMZ, businesses ARMZ in 2010 (including the share of the company's assets in Kazakhstan and an agreement on the purchase of products) produced 5 173.4 tonnes of uranium, while the core assets located in the territory of Russia, the company 3 produced 562.9 tons of uranium.

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