Rosatom modernize factories FE

Investment of state concern "Rosatom" to modernize facilities zirconium production of nuclear applications to "Chepetz mechanical plant" until 2020 will amount to almost 16 billion rubles.


This information portal of the Government of the Republic of Udmurtia. This money "Chepetz Mechanical Plant" (CMW) introduced modern high-tech equipment and develops new advanced technology as the production of competitive products zirconium nuclear applications and new types of co-products — hafnium metal and its compounds, technical ceramics.

"CMP" (part of the fuel company "Rosatom" — "fuel elements") is located in the city through the eyes of the Udmurt Republic. He is among the three largest global manufacturers of zirconium and its alloys for the nuclear industry "full cycle" — from the processing of ore concentrate to the production of finished products. Further these structures zirconium in Novosibirsk, e.g. make the fuel assemblies (FA), which then is loaded into the nuclear reactor to generate heat energy and then convert it into electricity.

Nuclear station without TVS will not work. Therefore, the modernization of Russia's only zirconium plant began in the beginning of the century. However, the true extent it has acquired a couple of years ago, when the state concern "Rosatom" the government has been given carte blanche as to the intensive construction of nuclear power plants in Russia as well as on foreign expansion. Moreover, it is not only the construction of nuclear power plants as such, but also strengthen the Russian nuclear corporation in the world in such segments as the supply of nuclear fuel for nuclear power plants. This is — a separate field for competition. Now "TVEL" provides full nuclear fuel 76 industrial and 30 research reactors in Russia and 15 countries in Europe and Asia. However, the picture is constantly changing. In 2010-2011, the decision of the Czech authorities have been translated into Russian fuel first and second blocks "Temelin" NPP in the Czech Republic that the last ten years working in the American fuel. On the other hand, despite the fact that Russia and Ukraine seem to be very firmly agreed that our country is building a plant in the Ukraine to produce nuclear fuel for Ukrainian nuclear power plants on the "full cycle", the authorities of the neighboring state at the end of this year are going to start load nuclear fuel of American company Westinghouse already in its second nuclear power plant — Zaporozhye (first and second power units of the South Ukrainian nuclear power plants are already operating in the U.S. fuel).

It is clear that the decision on who will build the nuclear power plant in a country — Russian, American, French, Japanese or Koreans accepted, mainly for political reasons. And in choosing a supplier of nuclear fuel, too much politics. But investing in the modernization of the fuel plants, "Rosatom" obviously wants to support the Russian economic policy to the Russian FA really are better and cheaper than Western counterparts. Therefore, only in the last year in the modernization of zirconium production on "Chepetz mechanical plant" in Udmurtia concern has invested more than 4 billion rubles. Due to such modernization of its plants, the localization of fabrication overseas alliances with major companies and promoting the world market innovative new products (such as TVS-square for the reactors PWR) «TVEL" 2030 is going to increase the total revenue of its fuel division in the 2 — 2.5 times, while the share of the world market — up to 28%.

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