Rosatom will create a giant atom flying saucer

Rosatom ordered an unmanned airship-lens diameter of 50 meters. Construction of an airship in shape very similar to a flying saucer, will begin in 2013, said General Director of FSUE "Dolgoprudnikov KB automatics" Victor Golubyatnikov. The form was invented not to look like UFOs, and to improve handling and reduce the effects of wind, explain the designers.

An unmanned airship for Rosatom should have a diameter of 50 m, a ceiling of 5 thousand m, range 800 km. On the unit will be fitted with four turboprop engines an output of 400 hp Airship equipment will be installed, which will allow the operator to a distance of 100 km to lead the airship flight, told Golubyatnikov.

Development work on the creation of an airship for Rosatom provide for the construction of a prototype, which will take approximately two years. The company has built a model of lenticular unmanned airship DP-27 ("Annie"), and now it fulfills on design and technological solutions, the new system, "- said the designer.

In autumn last year, "Annie" successfully took to the air (albeit on a leash), and the manufacturer's website has a video report on the event.]


Picture presumably — to the project to do.

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