Roscosmos is ready to run free student satellites into orbit

Roscosmos is ready to carry out free student launches satellites into orbit, said Friday during a signing with leading Russian universities agreement on the establishment of the Space Research and Education Consortium head of Roscosmos, Vladimir Popovkin.

  • Microsatellite "Chibis"
  • Microsatellite "Chibis"

"If a university does satellite, we derive it for free as a passing loads. This is our principled position. It may lie half a year, until we find a place for it, but we work to put into orbit," — said Popovkin.

In turn, participated in the signing of an agreement rector of the Moscow Aviation Institute Anatoly Gerashchenko said that his institution was eight satellites, of which five are launched into space.

In turn, the Rector of the Siberian State Aerospace University Reshetnev Igor Kovalyov said that it is planned to launch their student satellite "Stork". "We hope to create a series of small spacecraft," — he said.

Also, after the signing of the agreement to the participants, the Director of the Institute of Space Research Lev Zeleny, who thanked the Federal Space Agency for the opportunity to launch a micro-satellite "Chibis". "He has been operating successfully for the 13th month" — said Green.

In addition, a positive proposal of the Head of Roscosmos spokesman took the People's Friendship University. "We have to think about this topic well, maybe we will do and satellite," — he said.

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