Roskosmos decided to place the two launch complexes East


Roskosmos decided on the location of the Baikonur launch sites of the future East — objects that were designed for earlier rocket "Rus-M" will be used for the booster "Angara", will be built next to the launch pad for the "Soyuz-2", the chairman of the commission, chief of the center to establish a spaceport East Vadim Mitin.


Vadim Mitin — Chairman of the Russian Federal Space Agency, the chief center for capacity cosmodrome "East." Roscosmos temporarily stopped the construction of a new launch vehicle "Rus-M", which was to make the first start from the Baikonur East in 2015. This was the last meeting of the State Duma of the head of the space agency, Vladimir Popovkin. Now it's a two launch complexes for the carrier rocket "Soyuz-2" and "Angara", which will go the second step.

Specially created reconnaissance Commission began assessing the terrain and siting of the town space for development and launch facilities.

"The Commission has made a judgment areas. Concept was proposed to create two launch complexes for the rocket "Soyuz-2" and "Angara". Those facilities that are already in the project, we leave at Angara. For the "Soyuz-2" building complex a few kilometers away, "- said the source.

He noted that in contrast to the "Rus-M" Now there are two existing complexes, which do not require planning. Locate the new complexes can be without changing technological solutions.

"Soyuz-2" will go in the first place, because it is the most clear and worked out. We analyzed the countryside. A month later, will come again the Commission will re-test drilling. With all of the standards for the construction of such facilities, we define the exact coordinates of where the building will house facilities "- said Mitin.

On-site work began on four projects: power line, railway, highway, operating base. As assured the chairman of the commission, the work that had been scheduled this year, will be completed on time.

As explained by the chief engineer of the institute of "Ipromashprom" Alexey Kuznetsov, now there is a site preparation for the construction of the four linear features.

"The railway, highway and power go from the station to the ice and start technical complex. In each direction, on average, to pave about 10 miles away. The railway will be of the order of one kilometer to Uglegorka, plus about 11 kilometers to the railway station and Industry. Already initiated work on the construction base of Baikonur "- said Kuznetsov.

According to Mitin, as will be completed construction of linear facilities, will begin work on the construction of major engineering structures. Now there is a zero cycle — is the deployment of construction works.

"Next year will be worked out about 20 billion rubles in providing facilities and IT facilities. Extensive work on the creation of start-technical complexes will begin next year. Dates marked with a presidential decree, nobody changed ", — assured Mitin.

It was reported earlier with reference to materials on the MOF website that Russia may spend more than 46 billion rubles from 2012 to 2014 about the creation of supporting infrastructure Baikonur East in the Amur region.

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