Roskosmos ordered a preliminary design reusable space vehicle

Roskosmos ordered a preliminary design. Perform it, is likely to be Khrunichev Center.

Roskosmos ordered a preliminary design reusable space vehicle. The design of a new type of transport space agency assigns two years and 250 million rubles.

Played out in the tender item called "reusable space-rocket system of the first stage" (MRCA-1). In essence it is about creating a universal returned the first step for a variety of spacecraft that will deliver the reference orbit of 200 km height from 7 to 60 tonnes of payload. To overcome these kilometers away much of the energy consumption and current boosters. On the reference orbit reusable vehicle will be separated and returned to the runway in an automatic mode.

Derived spacecraft will continue on my way, either alone (if the target is a low Earth orbit), or fly away from the Earth to the second and third stages.

The idea of creating the transport system like the MRCA-1 was formulated some time ago — 10 years ago, "the Khrunichev Space Center," introduced the concept in many ways similar project called "Baikal-Angara". His goal — the creation of rocket, separating from the carrier, and then automatically return to the base airport. This method of removal, according to developers, will help solve the problem of pollution of the Earth spent stages and will reduce the cost of launch payloads into orbit by 25-50%.

Deputy director of the "Center Khrunichev" Anatoly Kuzin told "Izvestia" that the company will participate in the tender Roscosmos.

— We are subject for a long time, and the project developed in the last few years in the format of research — said Cousin. — We must understand that the creation of the media lies beyond 2020, until it comes to the development of the project. In our opinion, such a system launch promising and economically justified. We aim to address the shortcomings of previous space shuttle — their heavy heat protection and high cost mezhpoletnogo service.

According to the supervisor of the Space Policy Institute of Ivan Moiseyev, the question of creating a reusable spacecraft in the coming decades will be relevant:

— No problems, which need such a system, at least in this century. Now reusable ships because there is no point in doing too much capital investment for the start of the project — says Moses. — Dali money for research — and well, but to create a practical matter likely will not come. Require huge amounts of money for an unknown product, which ultimately may not pay off. Examples of this are the American space shuttles. They would be payback, the start of it every week, and in this case the same problem — because the terms of reference of the Russian Federal Space Agency it is just about 20 launches per year.

General Designer of RSC "Energia" Vitaly Lopota believes that the fate of the project will solve the economic component.

— Reusable rockets, as well as the ships make sense if there are cheaper. Services missiles always worth 20-30% of the cost of the mission as a whole, — says Lopota. — Now we only do prospective missile components, but not promising carriers for the spacecraft. Create a new missile, of course, important if we want to fly into space.

The documents for the competition requires elaborate versions of takeoffs and landings complex with all the means at the disposal of Russian space launch: Plesetsk, Baikonur and the planned "Eastern".

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