RSC Energia and the company Astrium develop cooperation in the field of space activities

RSC "Energia" and the company "Astrium" develop cooperation in the field of space activities, including through a joint venture, "Energy — Satellite Technology", which began in January 2013.

The leaders RSC "Energia" company "Astrium" and the joint venture "Energy SAT" Vitaly Lopota, Francois Oak and Vladimir Terekhov signed in the presence of the Presidents of the Russian Federation and France "License Agreement on the sharing of technology." The agreement defines the basic principles of exchange and the use of technology and "know-how" in the production and testing of spacecraft for various purposes. The introduction of joint innovation in this area is aimed at the creation and delivery of high-quality products to existing and emerging markets space products and services.


For the record:

  • RSC "Energia" — a world leader in the field of space exploration, manned spaceflight and unmanned spacecraft.
    Corporation laid the foundations of the country's missile technology has provided a breakthrough into space and the development of the national rocket and space technology and practical space.
    With the leading role of enterprises were established the first domestic ballistic missiles of various types, including intercontinental R-7, which was developed on the basis of the first space launch vehicle (LV), "Satellite" and its subsequent modifications, including modern "Soyuz", one of the safest in the world.
    The main programs of work: The International Space Station, launch vehicles and inter-orbital transfer, including the sea-based "Sea Launch" and modern modifications of DM for delivery to the working orbit spacecraft (SC) of different customers; unmanned space systems; prospective manned transport system with the ship new generation of transport-power module with a megawatt-class nuclear power plant; interplanetary infrastructure.
  • Company "Astrium" — the first in Europe and the third company in the world for space technologies. Is a global company providing a full range of civil and defense space systems, equipment and services. The company has three divisions: "Astrium Space Transportesheyn" [Astrium Space Transportation] — a leading European contractor launches, orbital systems and space exploration; 'Astrium Satellites "[Astrium Satellites] — a leading provider of satellite systems, including automated spacecraft, ground segment, payload and equipment, "Astrium SERVICES" [Astrium Services] — partner providing worldwide satellite services, including satellite communications equipment and computer networks of commercial and special-purpose, and customized GIS services.

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