RUSNANO and Sberinvest launched the first installation for applying protective nano-


A portfolio company of a mutual fund "RUSNANO" and CJSC MC "Sberinvest" launched the first unit for applying protective nano-coating.

Company "The new plasma technology" made to launch the first commercial plant for applying nanostructured hard coatings on small-size cutting tool.

The uniqueness of these coatings is that they significantly increase the operating resistance tools. In the course of industrial tests of the plant was recorded an increase in tool life of coated by an average of 3-6 times, there are examples of tests in which the operational resistance increased by 25 times.

Coatings applied installations of the company, are intended to extend the life of the tools used for drilling, milling, punching, rolling, extrusion and other industrial processes where required to protect the surface from wear and tear, as well as to increase its hardness.

"The new plasma technology" — A portfolio company of sectoral venture fund set up with the participation of JSC "RUSNANO" and CJSC MC "Sberinvest." The project has been created in Russia a modern production facilities for solid application of nano-technology on the unique Swiss firm CreepService.

Currently, the company is working to create an advanced plant based on Russian and Swiss technology solutions. The effectiveness of the installation of a new type will increase by 1.5-2 times, its launch is scheduled for the end of November 2013.

"The technology underlying the existing production cycle, confirmed its competitiveness in the world market, — The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Criminal Code "Sberinvest" Oleg Grin'ko. — The coatings produced by this technology, successfully passed the competitive exam in the leading Swiss watch companies. CreepService is negotiating with the European carmaker. Received more than a dozen applications for the technology and delivery systems in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong ".


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