RUSNANO launched in St. Petersburg, the new production

In St. Petersburg, launched the first phase of a new high-tech products manufacturing of nanostructured ceramic and metal materials, LLC "VIRIAL" — the project company set up with the financial participation of RUSNANO. Recently, a large article about the company has been on our site.

New capacity will make it possible in 2011 to increase the production company to 1.2 million pieces of finished products. The increase in production and the expansion of the range will provide an opportunity to raise the company's earnings to 720 million rubles, which is 20% more than in 2010.

The total budget of the project is 1.7 billion rubles. Along with RUSNANO, financial co-investors in the company were made by the fund CapMan — one of the leading private equity financing in the Nordic countries — and JSC "Siberian Organics."

With the use of unique technologies in the enterprise has created a full production cycle of cutting tools for hard materials and bearings operating in harsh environments at elevated pressure and temperature.

The cutting tool production "VIRIAL" is available now on the automobile and tractor plants, is being tested in large enterprises of power engineering and aircraft construction. Plain bearings for more than 10 years supplied the largest Russian manufacturers of pumping equipment (Production Company Ltd. "Wrestler", JSC "Novomet Perm '), it does not stop work on improving the materials and construction products. blank

finished goods

Competitive advantages of the product "VIRIAL" — Increased wear resistance, wide operating temperature range, the possibility of application in high abrasion and chemical attack.

To maximize the business development, the company this year plans to obtain resident status of a special economic zone of St. Petersburg and begin construction of a new plant in its territory, which will, by 2015, to reach full capacity of 2.5 million units and will provide revenue in the amount of 2 , 7 billion a year.

"It is believed that natural resource companies operating in traditional markets do not need innovation, and sometimes even destroy them. An example of "VIRIAL" totally refutes this thesis. Here is the oil companies through the manufacturers of mining equipment are the customers of the modern hi-tech solutions, and thereby, become drivers of the innovation process. It is not necessary to place himself "VIRIAL", extending the range of its products and developing new markets, in particular, preparations for the axial cutting tools"- Said RUSNANO Managing Director Dmitry Lisenkov.

"The company recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary, continues the dynamic movement forward. Launch of the new plant, equipped with a unique complex of Russia for the modern high-tech equipment, will bring a new level of productivity and efficiency of the company. We can begin mass production of cutting plates and billets for cutters of a new generation of hard alloys, ceramics and cubic boron nitride. Addressing the complex, ever-emerging before our partners technical problems requires the continuous improvement of scientific research, technology and production processes of the enterprise and is the basis of our innovative development"- Said General Director of" VIRIAL " Vladimir Rumyantsev.

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