RUSNANO will invest in capital Lilliputian Systems, manufacturer of portable power systems

One such charger is capable to charge 14 times iPhone.

RUSNANO and the U.S. company Lilliputian Systems, Inc. announce the completion of the investment transactions totaling $ 40 million, including $ 25 million — financing of RUSNANO. The deal is part of the next round of investment with the planned volume of $ 60 million in its existing investors also participating Lilliputian, including Intel Corporation, Kleiner Perkins Caufield &Byers, Altira Group, Stata Venture Partners, Atlas Venture and Fairhaven Capital.

The investment will enable Lilliputian scale production launch of the first product — a mobile power source with built-in USB (USB Mobile Power System — MPS) for charging cell phones and other electronic devices. The investment agreement signed by RUSNANO and Lilliputian Systems, Inc., Plans to open an office in Moscow on business development and research division and the establishment of a production site in Russia. RUSNANO Managing Director Georgy Kolpachev will join the board of Directors of Lilliputian Systems.

USB MPS — a compact, lightweight device for charging smartphones, tablets, mp3-players, electronic books, headsets with Bluetooth, digital cameras, etc. — Virtually any electronic device that can be powered via the USB. The device can recharge electronic devices from a single replacement cartridge for a few weeks, which eliminates the need to connect to a stationary power source and provides full mobility. The product uses technology developed by Silicon Power Cell ™, based on the achievements in the field of nanotechnology, including in the field of solid oxide fuel cells, micro-electromechanical devices. Cartridges for the device is safe, easy to use and inexpensive. The product is already authorized for carriage and use on a flight to domestic and international airlines.

"We are pleased to announce a new round of funding — said the CEO of Lilliputian Ken Lazarus (Ken Lazarus), — investment will enable us to finalize the production start producing USB MPS and attract talented employees in the company to work on a number of fronts. The deciding factors in selecting RUSNANO as an investor have the ability to tap into the existing Russian extensive scientific and technological resources, as well as access to the fast-growing Russian market. "

"RUSNANO seeks to invest in promising nanotechnology companies around the world — said RUSNANO Managing Director George Kolpachev. — We believe that the technology developed by the company is far superior counterparts, and their first product is focused on large and growing market niche. We are pleased to be part of the team involved in the commercialization of this technology and are confident of its success. Creation of a research center and production in Russia will exploit and develop the achievements of our engineers and scientists in the field of nanotechnology, MEMS and fuel cells — this will benefit both Russia and the Lilliputian ».

14.09.2012 Press Center RUSNANO

The building Lilliputian Systems, Inc in Vashigtone

The development team came from Massachuteskogo Technological University, which is developing MEMS tehnolgiya (micromechanical systems).


Prototypes chargers

The only picture with the concept of charging units.

The following photos from the pilot production of energy-MEMS chips.

The technology is to provide a microelectromechanical chip that receives electricity from the dissolution butane at high temperatures. According to the developers on an energy device is 5-10 times more than today's Li-ion, Li-pol battery, and by weight is 20 times easier. Inside the battery charger in the center of the chemical reaction, the temperature reaches 800 degrees C, the metal casing means 60 C, and the plastic casing, which touch the hand, 35 S. The device will have a replaceable cartridge of butane, which will be engaged in the production of the lighter industry. Device cost $ 100-200, a replaceable cartridge a few dollars. The device is safe and authorized for carriage in the aircraft.

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