RUSNANO will invest in the production of high-strength wire for the needs of the solar industry and microelectronics

RUSNANO and the company "Tervingo" signed an investment agreement on the construction of Russia's first plant for the production of key consumable material for the production of solar cells and microelectronic devices — special steel wire for cutting silicon and sapphire.

High-strength steel wire is used in the microelectronics industry for slicing silicon and sapphire crystals on the plates, which are blanks for photovoltaic solar cells, integrated circuits, LED chips. The share of solar energy accounts for 90% of the consumption of all manufactured in the world of the cutting wire.


A key factor affecting the strength and durability of the cutting wire, and, ultimately, the cost cutting is the quality of its surface. The company "Tervingo", which initiated the project, developed the technology of plasma surface modification of wire, which replaces the traditional chemical etching. With this wire breaks at least twice, and costs 20% less than the best world analogues.

"The last five years the market for solar energy, the main consumer of the cutting wire, growing by 40% annually. Recent events in Japan and plans of the individual EU countries suggest that in the future is possible even more rapid growth. The world market for cutting wire last year reached $ 700 million and we expect to occupy a significant share. In addition, planned for commissioning in Russian production capacity is expected to be consumed every year tens of thousands of tons of cutting wire"- Said RUSNANO Managing Director Alexander Kondrashov.

Total investment in the project will amount to 5.2 billion rubles, of which RUSNANO will amount to 2.6 billion rubles.

"By the time the company at full capacity annual sales will reach 5 billion. Initially, the main supply will be carried out in foreign markets. In the future will be a gradual reorientation of sales on the domestic market. I want to note — the production technology developed in Russia, ZAO "Petroplasma" subsidiary company "Tervingo" — Said General Director of "Tervingo" Michael Ushakov.

The unique technology of plasma modification can be formed on the wire surface layer thickness of 50 — 100 microns, wherein the grain size at the surface is 50 — 100 nm. Microhardness (see of the layer is more than five times than a conventional steel, whereby its breakage (number of breakages per million meters of wire) is two and a half times less than the best world analogues. These parameters affect the cutting mode and number of defects that, in turn, affects the final cost of the silicon wafer or sapphire.

The planned capacity of the plant to be built in the Lipetsk region, will be 10,000 tons per year of high-strength wire. Interest in the products already shown us from the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and China. Additionally, as part of the project will establish research and development center in St. Petersburg, the main task will be to improve the technology of plasma surface modification.

The company "Tervingo" was created in mid-2006 for the development of high-tech and innovative projects in different sectors of the economy. Currently, LLC "Tervingo" manages a number of subsidiary companies specializing in the following areas: production of wire for cutting silicon slurry and sapphire crystals (AVT Company Adwanced Wire Technologies), the development of the technology of plasma-arc treatment of metal surfaces (JSC "Petroplasma") on the supply of equipment and consumables for the non-destructive testing technologies (LLC "ASK-X-Ray"), on equipment for crushing, grinding and classification of materials in the construction and mining industries (JSC "New Technology"), and other details — http:/ /

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