RUSSIA EARLY develop an unmanned new generation fighter

RUSSIA EARLY develop an unmanned new generation fighter
Russian designers are developing unmanned fighter sixth generation, the last chief of staff, said the Russian Air Force, General Peter Dejnekin (pictured), reports August 26.
«The sixth generation fighter likely to be unmanned. Naturally, we are working intensively in this direction «, said in an interview with RIA Dejnekin announcements. Did Our homeland «is not able to skip a generation» and will need to complete all the projects of the fifth generation, he added.
Currently, Our homeland continues to test the layout of a manned fighter fifth generation T-50. U.S. working on the F-35, Britain and France are armed accordingly Typhoon and Rafale. All these countries are conducting research on the creation of unmanned fighters, they say analysts.
Dejnekin not specify what design bureaus working to develop an unmanned fighter, but MiG said in May that it is ready to move forward to create an unmanned combat aircraft based layout «Scat». The relevant agreement with the Ministry of Trade and Industry was signed on August first.
In November 2012 the President of the United Aircraft Company Misha Pogosyan said that in the not to distant future KB «Dry» will focus on developing UAV reconnaissance and strike.
Weekly Aviation Flight International magazine said in 2011 that the «dry» and MiG will work together in the development of UAVs.

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