Russia’s Wasp is sent to Europe and South Africa

"Institute of Applied Chemistry" (NIIPH) awarded contracts for the supply of a multifunctional complex "Wasp" and the training ammunition to the European Union and the Republic of South Africa. Russian equipment is exported to Switzerland, Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. Agreements with European countries signed more than $ 250 thousand euros, according to the corporation's "Rostekhnadzor." 

At the meeting in Nuremberg, the international exhibition of police weapons Enforce Tac-2013 NIIPH received orders to supply multi-functional complex of weapons of limited destruction "Wasp" in Switzerland, Germany and South Africa. German police ordered a pilot commercial party, but in the case of successful trials the Russian side will receive an order for massive supply. In addition, the "Institute of Applied Chemistry" signed preliminary agreements to export more than 50 thousand pieces of training ammunition, worth more than 250 million euros in Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Poland. There, in Nuremberg, deputy chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Rogozin, who heads the Military-Industrial Commission, introduced the concept of promotion to the European markets products research institute. "Wasp" — a set of non-lethal weapons, which includes a doubly or quadruply tubeless gun and a wide range of special cartridges with aluminum sleeve and the electric ignition. The system is designed for use by law enforcement officials, as well as for self-defense and personal protection.

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