Russian air balloons will strengthen the Chinese border. And look after the Korean


Russia's largest manufacturer of airships and balloons — NGO "Augur-RosAeroSystems" (AP) — made to order Chinese border in Russia's biggest stories tethered balloon "Puma". The Chinese will use the Russian balloon border protection — they bought for a third "Cougar". The Russian military until such large balloons in the AR did not order, limiting devices "Tiger" — They are four times less. "Tigers" and now involved in the tender of the Border Guard of South Korea, where they decided to use balloons to monitor the dividing line with the restless northern neighbors.


Balloon observation aircraft

Despite the somewhat comical appearance, balloons are considered military goods and supplies Chinese made through Rosoboronexport. Chinese border guards stuffed balloons radar equipment and monitor them via popular with smugglers areas. Operating altitude balloon "Puma" — 3-3.5 km. From this height locator is able to detect low-flying targets at a range of about 300 km. Along with the ground control "Puma" is worth about $ 15 million, excluding the cost of a prisoner in a balloon equipment. Standing up, the balloon can stay in the sky up to a month without maintenance.

Russian balloon over the Korean border

Balloons are ideal for those areas where the world is bordered to the war, so the most widespread use, they are in India (near the border with Pakistan), Israel, on the border of the United States and Mexico. Once the relationship on the dividing line between North and South Koreas ran high, Southerners decided to raise the balloons in the sky, to use them to monitor the actions of unfriendly neighbors. In passing now participates tender and AR. The Koreans put forward the original request to the project: if the northerners will bring down the balloon, it should certainly land in the South, so that the opponent is not possessed of advanced electronics.

According to the Azerbaijani President Gennady Verba, will soon announce a tender for the supply of balloons plans to India — it is also going to participate AP. The Russian military ordered until only one balloon AR — Air Force acquire "Tiger" to extend the range of communications command center.

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