Russian Air Force will receive a cruise missile X-101 in 2013 — «News»

Russian Air Force will receive a cruise missile X-101 in 2013 -
TSAMTO September 24. First adopted in 2013 Distant Russian Air Force will be accepted brand new cruise missile Kh-101, report «Izvestia», citing a source in the Russian Air Force.

According to a source, «Izvestia», «X-101, which is currently undergoing flight tests, almost become the first high-precision non-nuclear missile arsenal Distant aviation.»

The presence of such missiles will allow Distant Aviation applied as precision strikes on terrorist bases and strategic enemy targets without entering the zone defense act.

As told «Izvestia» representative DIC «X-101 — is a subsonic cruise missile long range. The missile is equipped with navigation system based on GLONASS. Unlike its predecessor (X-555), the newcomer will be able to destroy the missile as small-sized (2-3 m) and mobile objects, including driving a car. «

The newspaper notes that «there is a nuclear option and the latest missile received index X-102.»

A source said, «Izvestia», «X-101 X-555 is heavier than about three or four times. Because it will be able to carry only strategic bombers Tu-160 and Tu-95. Bomber Tu-22 did not rouse her, because armed Tu-22 will remain until the Kh-555. «

How to write «Izvestia», the range of X-555 is 2 sq km (warhead weight — 200 kg) at the X-101 range is 10 thousand km, with a 400 kg warhead. CWE at maximum range from X-101 does not exceed 10 m vs. 25-30 m from X-555.

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