Russian aircraft stands on the wing

Russian Air Force conducted a series of exercises aimed at practicing in-flight refueling equipment, as well as the use of military aircraft. The intensity of combat training in recent years has increased, which has led many observers to question the goals and objectives of the Russian Air Force. Currently, the practice of military training are increasingly began to enter the "dawn raids" combat readiness of units. 

Depending on the level of the auditors on alert in the country rise up separate units, military units and formations of different levels. The purpose and intent of the audit — evaluation of real combat readiness of units in practice, not in words.

This kind of testing were held in the past, but in the post-Soviet period, they have become quite rare, and their organization is allowed to get information in advance of the date of their conduct, which nullified the whole plan. Today, the number of inspections has increased, and their training allows you to get a more or less objective picture of the state of readiness of units, identify deficiencies, as common to the entire system, and specific for certain parts and then remove them. Conducting unannounced inspections planned to carry out in the future: they regularly take place all military districts and branches of the armed forces. A few years of such activity — and the habit of constant alert, ready kdeystviyu enters the flesh and blood of the commanders, which is probably the main purpose of such inspections.

Recall that the start of a new dawn raids readiness of the Russian Army Chief of Staff Gen. Valery Gerasimov announced May 27, 2013. This test lasted for 3 days. To test the combat readiness of military units and troops EKR, military transport and long-range aviation, as well as of the 1st Air Force and Air Defense Command of the Western Military District was drawn 185 combat aircraft, 240 armored vehicles and nearly 9,000 soldiers.

During unscheduled interceptors MiG-31 have taken up the continuous combat duty in the north of the country. In the role of the imaginary enemy in exercises performed strategic bombers Tu-95MS, which took off from the air force base in the Saratov region. Besides the classic bombs, these bombers are armed with a variety of cruise missiles.

As a result of activities Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appreciated the connection of the Air Force and aerospace defense ready to repel a possible aerospace attack and promised to continue the practice of conducting such inspections. "The final results will be announced the sudden check later, but now we can say that in general, the Air Force and aerospace defense forces Russia to fulfill the task of reflection of an aerospace attack the probable enemy troop movements in the designated regions and defeat the enemy ground targets" — Sergei Shoigu at a teleconference in the center of the military.

May 30, representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry reported that in the course of the audit readiness of troops fighter-interceptor MiG-31 discovered and then hit the cruise missiles likely opponent. Earlier, Sergei Shoigu reported to Putin that in the course of the exercise was intercepted by 9 out of 11 missiles, which were issued by conventional enemy. The President of Russia said in response that "in principle, a satisfactory result."

Constantly emerging news about the next exercise in the Air Force, as well as in other types of Russian aircraft often cause arguments about "unexpected activity" of the Russian army and its possible consequences. But everything falls into place, if this activity is assessed in comparison with the previous period of Russian history. Nowadays, due to the increase in defense spending in Russia able to get back to normal now abandoned the practice of training. At the turn of 1990-2000's, the bulk of Russian military pilots, for example, had a plaque at the level of 20 hours per year, while there were those pilots who were flying even less for 5-6 hours in a year. This training was more dangerous in the first place for the country's air force themselves than to our potential adversaries, deskilling pilots doing almost any kind of flying game of Russian roulette.

In this respect, is a case of major Russian Air Force Valeria Troyanova whose Su-27 fighter crashed in Lithuania September 15, 2005 after he ran out of fuel. The pilot, rarely rising in the sky, just lost his bearings at the time of the flight from the airfield Siverskij (the Leningrad region) to the airfield Chkalov (Kaliningrad region). And now the Minister of Defence of Lithuania expressed concern about the increased activity of the Russian Air Force. Average flight time of our pilots began to grow, starting around 2007-2008. By 2010, this figure has exceeded 70 hours per year, and in 2012 — 100 hours. Currently, the state of the aircraft fleet, as well as economic opportunities allow the Air Force to bring this figure up to 150 hours per year, which is already more than the Air Force of the vast number of countries in the world.

One of the main elements of the combat training of Russian Air Force currently has refueling in the air. Almost simultaneously refueling exercises were conducted in the Western and Central military districts of the country, they were involved in dozens of military aircraft. The scale of these exercises could be even greater, but it is strictly limited to the number are in the ranks of flying tanker planes Il-78. Temporary solution — suspension under combat aircraft refueling units ORM is only partially correct position.

In general, it can be noted that the fueling of aircraft in the air today is vital for the Russian Air Force — it is not possible without rapid transfer of aviation in the right place under its own power, and in the context of limited financial resources do not allow the military to increase air forces throughout Russia, operational maneuver is perhaps the main guarantee of national defense. Russian Air Force in the future plan to continue purchasing tanker planes, the fleet will continue to grow. But to achieve a positive effect is to consider not only the acquisition of strategic tanker Il-78, but smaller tactical aircraft, orders which would be subordinate to the Air Force Commanders of military districts. And, of course, need training — refueling in the air, especially at night or in bad weather conditions — it is a complex process that requires a good pilot readiness. In this case we are talking about the crew as tanker aircraft and the crew refueled aircraft.

Currently, pilots of the Western Military District, becoming one of the most flying in Russia. The pilots of the district spent in the sky more than 20,000 hours and performed more than 1,500 missions in the combat use of the aircraft, significantly outperforming other aviation organizations and commands. Ongoing intensive combat training, as well as flights to various polygons, regular tactical flight maneuvers, flights with in-flight
refueling allowed WEST personnel have more plaque than in all other counties, as well as make the most missions in operational use in all Air Force country.

Ended the winter training for the Air Force and Air Defense Association WEST sudden unscheduled test of alert, which was held at the direction of Russian Defense Minister Army General Sergei Shoigu. The audit involved more than 100 fighter planes and bombers WEST. Within 3 days of the county pilots to practice a task to relocate the aviation and ground combat equipment, as well as the personal and technical staff on operational airfields, with work on the organization of camouflage, jamming simulated enemy air defense units, and the intercession of the aircraft on alert of new airports. Sukhoi Su-24M and Su-34 had a bombing ground targets, flying from operational airfields. The pilots of the MiG-29 SMT engaged in working off the elements of air combat search and discovery of the imaginary enemy planes in the sky and their subsequent destruction, and fighter-interceptor MiG-31 solved the problem by intercepting and destroying cruise missiles, conventional enemy.

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