Russian aircraft will be built out of unique materials

Russian aircraft will be built out of unique materials
Head of the United Aircraft Company Misha Pogosyan sure that Russian aircraft can fully compete in the global market

President of the United Aircraft Company (UAC) Misha Pogosyan announced that all promising Russian aircraft will be intensively used composite materials.

According to him, such as MS-21 passenger wings designed based composites. «They are at times referred to as dark in color carbon fiber is the basis of this synthetic material. To aircraft manufacturers have not experienced problems with new materials with properties very high, we build two plants «AeroComposite» Ulyanovsk and Kazan, «- said in an interview with» Russian newspaper » Pogosyan. According to him, the assembly of the first composite wing of the MC-21 is scheduled as early as next year. «By the way, the main elements of the wing for the aircraft will be made on a fundamentally new, so referred, infuznym technologies», — said the head of the KLA.

According to professionals, the main difference between composite materials — the presence of reinforcing parts: yarns, fibers, flakes stronger materials. Oozes volume content of component materials can be prepared with the appropriate values ​​of strength, elasticity, resistance to the highest temperatures, and so on. Technologies of parts of the wing, fuselage and other structures made of composite materials for today listed among the best in the world aircraft industry. Experts added: «dark wing» gives significant gain in weight of the aircraft, allows you to make better aerodynamics that will make flying more economical.

Responding to a question about what output you need to aviation industry to become profitable industry in our country, Michael Poghosyan, namely, noted that «we must have a volume of production in the industry for over three hundred billion rubles a year.» «This is our plank. On it we have to get out in 2015. This year plan to reach 220-230 billion next year — at 260-270 billion, and since 2015 have to operate at a profit, «- said Pogosyan.

In his view, Russian ships can be fully competitive. «We monitor global trends and try to be at the highest level» — confirmed Managing Aircraft Corporation.

He also assured that the Russian aircraft currently being intensively introduced the most leading technology. For example, the president said the KLA, «one of the basic requirements imposed on the fighters fifth generation, which distinguishes them from the 4th — it is a low level of visibility.» «Because we are trying different spraying and coating, reducing the visibility of aircraft systems, including gold,» — explained the head of the United Aircraft Company.

He also said that the fighter fifth generation, which will be created on the basis of test samples PAK FA will truly embodied «the most leading technology.» «This is really a breakthrough plane» — not without pride saw Misha Pogosyan.

Recall, the new Russian Su-35 fighter for the first time will be shown abroad — at the 50th Le Bourget (France). Aviation Salon will be held in June this year. About it now, April 5, said the official dealer of the United Aircraft Company (UAC) Boris Krylov.

According to him, «the KLA in Paris will present two combat aircraft Yak-130 and Su-35, previously never shown abroad.» «It will be zabugornye premiere» — explained Krylov. He also noted that these aircraft will accept a role in flight programmke exhibition.

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