Russian and Korean specialists have created a new highly sensitive metal detector.


At the entrance to the mass actions today do not pass the metal detector. For the sake of their own protection to have to get used to this procedure, though, as shown by the test, and the newest models allow the error to 0.2%. In other words, when passing two thousand people may well bring as firearms or knives. [

To exclude this possibility, the specialists of the Moscow Research Institute of computer systems to them. MAKartsev and Korean firms Solar Electronic Technology created a mobile metal detector with special software. He does not react to metal objects that people normally carry with them — keys, watches, coins and other detector calibration is automatic, and the settings of the program operator carries with just four buttons. There are several programs, threat detection. When selecting the operator can change the response to metal objects.

Metal is not only to respond quickly to a weapon, but also shows the label on the screen where it is located on the human body. According to the developers, the probability of threat detection — not less than 99.99%.

This model of the detector used for security at the international exhibition EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, through a framework of more than 72 million people. In the Republic of Korea, now they are set to sea and airports, at sensitive plants and other objects. It is planned to use the metal detector at the time of the Expo 2012, which will be held in Korea and in the future — to implement highly sensitive instrument in Russia.

In the photo:

A new metal detector at the exhibition "High technologies of XXI century". The monitor frame is seen that the red metallic object (at the bottom) is in the hand above a person's head.

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