Russian biotechnology company Biocad goes to the Brazilian market

February 20 biopharmaceutical company BIOCAD signed with his Brazilian subsidiary — BIOCADBRAZIL PHARMACEUTICA, letter of intent for the transfer of technology production of drugs based on monoclonal antibodies, as well as the right to the registration and sale of these drugs.

The agreement was signed within the framework of the second meeting of the Russian-Brazilian high-level committee chaired by the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

"The company BIOCAD one of the first in Russia to export abroad the latest developments in the field of biotechnology. Our expertise in biopharmaceuticals will be the basis for creating unique in Brazil "Joint Center for Biotechnology (Joint Center of Biotech Excellence)», which will not only provide the population of Brazil modern effective drugs available, but will also contribute to the further strengthening of Russian-Brazilian relations, "- said General Director Dmitry Morozov BIOCAD.

In a successful project BIOCAD interest at the highest level, both in Russia and in Brazil. Who is discussing the project with the Minister of Health of Brazil and potential partners — government laboratories Brazilian states. Brazil will have access to the Russian high technology and knowledge in the field of biotechnology. BIOCAD company organizes production and technology partners to give three modern high-performance drugs based on monoclonal antibodies, which are of great social importance (trastuzumab, bevacizumab, rituximab). It is expected that the capacity of the new company will be sufficient not only to cover their own needs in Brazil, but also in the long term will provide the ability to export these medicines to other countries.

Social importance of drug trastuzumab, bevacizumab and rituximab for Brazil is huge. These drugs can save or extend the lives of tens of thousands of people. Thus, it is expected that the number of patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2013 in Brazil will reach more than 10,000 people with chronic lymphocytic leukemia — 9800. For these diseases has been used successfully with rituximab. Trastuzumab is used in the treatment of HER2-positive and metastatic breast cancer (about 16 000 people in 2013). Bevacizumab is effective in the treatment of metastatic carcinoma, kidney cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer. Implementation of the joint project with the company BIOCAD lead to a significant reduction (30-40%) of the cost of these drugs in Brazil.

Only in the 2011 sale of trastuzumab, rituximab and bevacizumab in Brazil exceeded the amount of 520 million U.S. dollars. Based on previous experience, it is expected that BIOCAD in the near future be able to provide a 50% interest in the turnover of these medicines.


BIOCAD— Russian biopharmaceutical company full cycle, leader in the number of clinical research among domestic manufacturers. BIOCAD is both scientific research and industrial structure. In the development of original and reproduced pharmaceuticals company relies on its own research base, and their production is in accordance with the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (Good Manufacturing Practice, GMP). The company produces drugs and substances for the manufacture of the following areas: gynecology / urology, oncology / hematology, autoimmune and infectious diseases. The total staff of more than 600 people, about 130 of whom are scientists of the research labs, over 20 — have a scientific degree. BIOCAD has a wide network of subsidiaries in foreign countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Brazil, China, India and the United States.

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