Russian climbers have conquered the world’s first vertical wall in Pakistan

A team of Russian climbers led by Alexander Odintsov climbed a vertical wall of Latok III under the "Russian way — the world."

Latok III route

The Russians were the first in the world, who conquered the wall of Latok III — one of the most important routes in the Karakoram. It happened on the third attempt.
Besides the Russians tried to conquer this wall about 15 times, but all attempts were unsuccessful.

The Russian team consists of three St. Petersburg Ivan rainwater, Lonchinskogo Alexis, Alexander Odintsov and Eugene Dimitrenko (Krasnoyarsk — Krasnodar).

There are about ten districts of the Great Wall — the most beautiful peaks break off down the steep walls. The average steepness of the walls varies between 85-90 degrees.

The aim of the project "Russian way — the world"
Russian athletes have set themselves the task of passing on all of the most famous and prestigious walls of the world of new routes.
In all the catalogs, these routes will be called "Russian".
Class Russians can pass these walls By means of a most difficult.
Odintsov set the task to go through 10 of these new routes, Latok III — the ninth of the ten alleged.

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