Russian defense industry needs new Kalashnikovs

And the development of promising samples guns and modernization of production

Domestic defense industry needs new Kalashnikovs

January 24 Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin made the second (after the Ulyanovsk) a working trip to the rank of vice-premier. At this time — at the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant. She wore almost everything please temper, but is allowed to open a lot of problems that are addressed by the new chairman of the Military-Industrial Commission has adopted a number of constructive solutions.

Arriving at the factory, Dmitry Rogozin, first met at the Museum of Izhmash with the creator of the world-famous family of rifles and machine guns, Kalashnikov and Misha gave a famous designer gratitude to the Government, the public is also invited to volunteer to be his advisor. Mike T. accepted the offer.

Izhmash new items and not only its

But, of course, the main purpose of the visit was the Deputy Prime Minister's intention to understand and realize what the development needs of our army, to determine the prospects of Russian small guns, give the "green light" to the best of his Swatch. Now, however, the warehouses have accumulated many millions of AK various modifications made back in the Russian period. And it can not be ignored.

Most of the time, Dmitry Rogozin spent in shops, trying to find the vector of the forthcoming existence of the plant and the output of its pre-crisis state. Coupled with the fact the chairman of the MIC closely acquainted with the exposition and presented a number of leading Russian companies producing modern weapons.

Rogozin believes that there is much talk about the development of the strategic nuclear forces of other important ways of ensuring the military security of the country, but in counter-terrorist operations, local conflicts our soldiers, special forces have to be used everyday tool. On it depends the life of the defenders of the motherland. Because it must be effective.

Izhmash shows are popular all over the standards of their own products: sniper (CB-98, CB-338) and sports (namely the "Biathlon") rifles, shotguns (for example, "Saiga"), sub-machine guns, grenade launcher GP-34 precision bombs "Kitolov" and "Krasnopol", different versions of the Kalashnikov assault rifle and machine Nikonov AN-94. About much what he saw, including a sniper rifle "Orsis", which the manufacturer is the company "Survey Systems," Rogozin said positively.

Deputy Prime Minister — by the way, the first high-ranking representative of the management of — showed activity Development Izhmash — automatic 5-th generation. Chief designer Vladimir Zlobin company carefully Dmitry Rogozin told about all the significant improvements that make an instrument will meet modern requirements.

This is the latest addition to the plant. In 2011, the completed assembly and testing of the first prototype started with the working title of the standard AK-12. In this case, the implementation of the project (without any instructions from above) Izhevsk designers running Zlobina started in June 2011. They managed to do much better the Kalashnikov assault rifle, adapting it to modern conditions of warfare and all of this while maintaining the unique properties brainchild of Misha Timofeevicha: simple construction, high reliability, operational strength of relatively low production costs.

One of the features of the new product will be its modularity: AK-12 is created as the base platform, on the basis of which will be developed in the coming about 20 different versions of small civilian and military instruments for the purpose of firing bullets caliber from 5.45 to 7.62 x 39 x 51 mm.

At AK-12 significantly refined ergonomics: the main controls (fuse, switch type of fire, magazine release, bolt stop) became available one hand holding the automatic. The design tools are integrated Picatinny rail for installation of additional equipment: optical, collimating and night sights, rangefinders, grenade launchers, light, target designators and other "equipment", which will allow excellent use AK-12 at any time of the day. Also acquired automatic folding telescopic buttstock, adjustable trim and butt plate. Handle reloading AK-12 can be mounted on either the right or the left, which will allow it comfortable to use and right-handers and left-handers.

Izhmash Director General Maxim Kuzyuk told columnist "Military-Industrial Courier," that even the butt of his gun is ergonomic and adjustable removal. For reliability and simplicity perfectly familiar Kalashnikov added overestimated accuracy and decrease the recoil force, there was a combined sight.

In the middle of innovation — three modes of fire: single shots, with a cut-off in three rounds and automatic. Muzzle device is changed to ensure the ability of implementation barrel grenades, including foreign production. Configuration is the possibility of a rate of fire 600 rounds per minute to 1000. Some standards will have a quick-change barrel. Composite materials significantly reduced the weight of the AK-12. This essentially is a tool of the 5th generation, which will not yield to any foreign counterpart.

At the current time are developed and new stores: box-type 30 — and 60-charging, drum for 95 rounds. They will appear to the visual balance of ammunition.

In the development of the AK-12 used new technologies in the field of coatings and materials. Machine is designed for implementation abroad, but mostly it is a high-performance requirements of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to the automatic weapons. In the presence of the state order plant ready to supply AK-12 Russian troops and special forces.

Dmitry Rogozin, has shown a lively interest in the machine, noting that designers are working in the right direction, he asked to be invited to the municipal tests. According to preliminary estimates, they may begin in late 2012 — early 2013. Already at this time sent a stern note on the AK-12, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, requesting machine into trial operation.

Not many survive, you need to develop

Deputy Prime Minister tried fighting tool in action. In-dash Izhmash he produced a series of shots from handguns and Yarigina Strike, submachine gun "Vityaz" sniper rifle SV-338 and T5000, Kalashnikov rifles and Nikonov. Praised the special carbine — 18.5 mm KS-K (combat modification of a popular destination for "Saiga-12"), automatic AN-94 (for ease of management and the highest shooting accuracy), the most experienced standard pistol Strike Designer Dmitry Streshinskaya. According to Rogozin, this is a very exciting development that will be sustainable. It is, incidentally, has been successfully tested in our intelligence services.

This rapid-fire pistol immediate implementation of the enemy, highlighted deputy prime minister, is superior to all existing standards: "If the world knows the 6 types of devices in the manufacture of guns, but this is used for the seventh type. And this Russian know-how. "

According to the views of the Chairman MIC, in the manufacture of tools focus at the moment should be done on modularity, interchangeability, reliability, resistance to outdoor environments. Not enough attention is paid more and suspension hardware tools: flashlights, sights. Even the shape and quality of the holster needs to be changed.

Meanwhile, it became clear: in order to Izhmash not only survived, and growing, need hi
s upcoming techno modernization, upgrading machinery equipment. Something could be done in this regard 5 years ago — immediately after the Venezuelan contract — with the proceeds of supply 500 thousand machines Caracas.

Very basically look for a solution that would render a signal to the flow of funds to the plant defense contracts. But with any discrepancies, Rogozin believes, will not cope without the faith and support of the people. He recalled one davneshny funny story, which regained relevance. Optimists are now studying the British tongue, the pessimists — the Chinese and the realists — a Kalashnikov rifle. However, NATO said last Russia's permanent representative to the North Atlantic alliance, do not know what Kalashnikov — a real live person. And he — our pride, AK — Russian brand that is placed even on the arms of some states. Americans in Afghanistan prefer using specific AK, not an M-16. Because our task — to grow new Kalashnikovs.

There are at Izhmash, and its plans to optimize the factory area, use it for the creation of the industrial park, the production of automotive components for IzhAvto (project with "Nissan"), the deployment of storage and, perhaps, trading platforms that will provide greater financial returns. As a result of modernization can be released about 100 thousand square meters, which will also ensure the flow of funds to improve and increase production. Savings and equity factory is ready to allocate 200 million rubles a year for modernization. But the flow of funds under the Federal Program is expected only in 2014. Because at the request izhmashevtsev one: to reduce these terms.

Dmitry Rogozin met with personnel of the company and promised that he would promote his upcoming fruitful work.

"I hope, to March 1, we will take the program from the Federal motivated the development of defense industry and, specifically, Izhmash 2020 — said the Deputy Prime Minister. — It will set the brand new ideology of modernization of industry, investments in the modernization of production. Izhmash need modern technology and it will appear. We will not lower the cost of production, if you let us create it on the machines' time Ochakova and conquest of the Crimea. "

It is necessary to lure to address these problems and personal capital, managers of the business. Coupled with the fact you need to also know the owners of these companies: "We want to deal with the real shareholders and owners. They must take full responsibility for the fate of the companies heavily involved in the implementation of the SDO. "

All this will reduce the cost of production will create the conditions for increasing the level of wages, which in the CMO should be higher than in the civilian sector. So it was before, so it will be now. Need to use your loaf and on R & D by 2015. They can not stop if they comply with the requirements of the LG and the new challenges.

"This is my program that supports Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin — said Rogozin. — And although I still go during the "coronation" defense ", I see the prospects, I believe in success. The plant will live. But the temptation to take the light from foreign arms and military equipment we need to go. In doing so, we just have to find a mutual understanding with the Ministry of Defence. "

Revive the country through the revival of "defense"

Deputy Prime Minister held in Izhevsk branch meeting on the development of small guns in the Russian Federation, which supported his initiatives presidential envoy in the Volga Federal District, Mike Babich, President of the Republic of Udmurtia Alexander Volkov, the leaders of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Corporation "Russian Technologies", Director leading companies in the Russian military-industrial complex.

In the end, were identified existing measures designed to meet the interests of both the customer and the consumer. The basic idea, endorsed by all: produced in our country, an instrument must meet the realities of the present day or, to be effective on the battlefield. And it should evaluate the officers and soldiers. Because under the auspices of the Military-Industrial Commission will be a laboratory where the designers will not have to deal with the generals, and with military officers, instructors, GRU, FSO, etc. "defense" — not Pryvoz Odessa — identified Deputy Prime Minister. — It all must be subordinated to the state defense order. "

Will be addressed and human prepyadstviya. Already in February in Moscow will host a meeting with the rectors of higher technical educational institutions of the Russian Federation for the formation of an entirely different level of cooperation between universities and the "defense", so KB, businesses could lure teachers, students, and graduate students to the overall operation.

"No more groans of the Russian people in the face of complaints directorate I do not want to hear — cut Rogozin. — All of the difficulties that are rising directors should immediately get their permission. "

The government in this matter will not be silent. For example, when there are no orders, will be set up special working groups to find some way out of the impasse. Excellent and the fact that some companies at the moment are self-cleaning procedure of legal status or bankruptcy. It's healing processes related to their revival. And in recent years the factory will be our partners in defense contracts.

Rogozin also promised to start a brutal fight with unlicensed establishment of Russian weapons abroad: "We tread a bulldozer counterfeit CDs, the demand of international organizations. Why is there where copyright is respected, so just look to the illegal introduction of Russian brand "Kalashnikov", including our Bratushka from the former Soviet bloc? And some even win tenders to build the AK. Such should not be. The civilized world has to pay for our brand every single penny. "

Creating a new tool drags the development of new materials, alloys, will cause a multiplier effect. So revive Russia as a whole can and should be a revival of the military-industrial complex of the country in which were laid and still modern technology dual-use cooked with spices. However, the time it is no longer so little.

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