Russian helicopters Mi-171A1 won the tender for the Brazilian carrying out works in the Amazon

Russian multipurpose helicopters Mi-171A1 produced by JSC "Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant", part of the holding "Helicopters of Russia", won the tender of Brazilian state-controlled oil company Petrobras for the right to perform work in the Amazon.

Took part in the tender Brazilian aviation company operators who have demonstrated Petrobras helicopters leading helicopter companies: Sikorsky Aircraft, Eurocopter and the holding company "Helicopters of Russia". From the combination of positive performance and price / performance win the tender for the right to perform aerial work won the Russian middle Mi-171A1, presented by the company-operator Atlas Taxi Aereo.

Shipping to Brazil the first batch of Mi-171A1, consisting of 2 transport helicopters, slated tentatively for 2011. Currently, the parties agreed specifications and terms of delivery. In the future, may be considered the possibility of increasing the volume of deliveries of Mi-171A1, as well as long-term maintenance of the center of Russian helicopters on the technical basis of the Brazilian company.

"Helicopters of Russia" are ready to meet the needs of our Brazilian partners in helicopter technology. In connection with Petrobras plans to increase oil production in the Amazon Basin using the Mi-171A1 in off-road conditions can become one of the most important factors in the preservation of relict rainforest ecology of this unique region, "- said General Director of JSC" Helicopters of Russia "Dmitry Petrov.

Mi-171A1 became the first civilian helicopters Russian-made aircraft supplied to the Brazilian market. Earlier, in 2008, FSUE "Rosoboronexport" has made with the Brazilian Ministry of Defense contract to supply 12 attack helicopters Mi-35, produced "Rostvertol" within the holding company "Helicopters of Russia". At present, the Brazilian side of the contact passed 6 cars, it is planned that the final batch of Mi-35M can be staged in Brazil until the end of 2011 goda.Vertolet Mi-171A1 certified in Brazil in 2005 and has a certificate type. The helicopter is capable of flying in adverse weather conditions, day and night. The Mi-171A1 provides transportation of up to 26 passengers, up to 2 tons of cargo inside the cabin (with 10 passengers) or transport loads weighing up to 4 tons on the external load. The helicopter can be used to transport the 12 victims, accompanied by medical personnel, search and rescue and fire-fighting operations.

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