Russian light tank 1945-65 reference years — Amphibious Tank PT-76

Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

One of the first post-war tank PT-76 embodies within itself the acquired experience of fighting during the 2nd World War. Increased virtually all of the technical characteristics of their fighting characteristics are not far behind, caliber guns mounted up to 122 mm, and that it was so important to the military, while overcoming various bottlenecking, such as eg water, the tank could carry out military action.

If we compare tank the previous generation tanks of the class "T-38" and "T-40", and with them a tank of U.S. forces «LVT (A)" can behold how Russian designers have made a breakthrough in the construction of high-quality floating tank.

Water jet to overcome aqua-bottlenecking was first used on the PT-76. Thruster worked on the principle of firing the water through the exhaust pipe at high speed. Application of this method crossings gave the opportunity to abandon the helm of the ship, the tank was driven by aqua movement with control valves due to the release of water. Both motors — water jet and power — to work immediately at the exit of the water and at the entrance to her.

To prevent instability of the tank, the center of mass is in the lower position is very probable, for it had shifted all the major parts and service. Inflated density and tight shoulder straps tower block were given the opportunity to enter the tank water obstacles at full speed, cross them with storm surge and take long move aqua method.

Floating amphibious combat weapon was stronger than the last tank guns, having the ability to crossing the big water. Paired with a machine gun 7.62 mm gun "D-56TM" 76 mm caliber ammunition has 40 rounds and 1,000 rounds of machine gun. Additional armament — one AKM, 20 rounds of ammunition for the gun to supply the light signals and 15 grenades "F-1".

Open fire tank I could, while in the water, horizontal water cannon be induced by configuring the provisions of the tank in the water vertically gun could operate normally, using the pointing device.

Power engine "B-6" had the performance of diesel and provided a tank capacity of up to 240 hp The tank can move through the ground at a speed of about 45 kilometers per hour and cross the aquatic place at a speed of 10 km / h Diesel equipped with 5-speed manual transmission and the mechanics of its efforts on water-jet units. Exhaust end were protected from the ingress of water in a sudden stop motor. The tank was equipped with a system for evacuating trapped inside the body of water.

Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

To provide cover for offensive action had smoke thermal equipment, the use of which has provided smoke cover equal to the distance to 250-450 meters, depending on the weather criterion. The tank crew had night vision monitoring at night, during the day, the personnel assessed the situation in the periscope blocks.

Tank got fire development — in the event of fire or smoke in the engine compartment, the activation of the control carbon-dioxide cylinders, as there was a system of manual fire alarms.

Designers managed to make a very easy tank, weight of the PT-76 was less than the weight of T-34 was 1.5 times and amounted to 14 tons.

The tank was manufactured 51 years more than 15 years and has had several modifications.


Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

PT-76B — an upgraded version of the PT-76 was different from the parent stable installation tools "D-56TS" for guidance in the planes, which improved the accuracy of the projectiles hit the target, have also improved on the murder ejection system of the powder gases, using the ejector. Little configuration tools in the reduced recoil force when firing it.

PT-76B was one of the trump cards of marines, giving ordinary tanks in the armor and weapons, has an undeniable mobility in overcoming aqua space, provide and cover the main landing amphibious forces during combat operations.

The last configuration in the tank were made in 1967, when the increment sheet feed up to 8 mm, upgraded starter — "ST721" with increased power up to 11 kW, with elaborated drive for Short term operation at 24 V, which had reduced weight and size of the property. Also established track with an increase of 12 mm thick, made with ridges that do not have windows installed the latest designed radio "P123" with TPU new standard "P124". Followed by a substitution of the machine gun on the floating tank, instead of "SGMT" set "PBC" 7.62 mm.


Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

"Type 63" — Chinese tank, built on the basis of "PT-76", carried out in the 70s, had a 85-mm gun caliber and reworked Tower in China, which had a hemispherical shape.

Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

"BTR-50" — floating war machine, built on the base of the tank "PT-76" weapons — 85 mm gun or mortar, could accommodate up to 20 personnel of the commando units or Marines. Had opportunity warfare directly in the water.

Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

"MLTB" — a multi-purpose light transport vehicle reservation. Armament consisted of a conveyor 7.62mm "FCT", was used to transport personnel of up to 11 people and as traction machines. Had opportunity cross water obstacles by
rotating caterpillar tracks.

Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

"ACS-85" — self-propelled unit for airborne troops, was used in the military and airborne troops, had a base of the tank "PT-76".

Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

"2K1 Mars" and "2d6 Moon" — a set of tactical missiles. The complex consists of launchers, "2P16" on the basis of tank "PT-76".

Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

"GSP" — self-propelled steam crawler execution. Was used for ferrying military equipment across water obstacles.

Domestic light tanks sample 1945-65 years - Amphibious Tank "PT-76"

Object "914" — BMP layout. Made Volgograd KB, in a batch creation has not arrived.

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