Russian military bases are needed as air

Russian military bases are needed as air
America has 500 military bases in the world, and in the Russian Federation only four plus two Fri logistics, said live «PRAVDA.Ru ‘ editor in chief of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Victor Murakhovski. But even in this case the United States strongly impede rebuilding Russian military bases, especially in Central Asia and in the Pacific Rim.
«At the moment, the Russian Federation has a military base in Tajikistan (201st), South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Armenia. More items have logistics in the port of Tartus in Syria, in the port of Cam Ranh Bay in Vietnam. Currently deployed similar military facility in Belarus. It is not clear how it will be named «- said Viktor Murakhovski.
In Russian times, explained the expert, the country had a military base in Cuba, where they were deployed land, motorized rifle, tank units, air defense, electronic intelligence. Also in Somalia and Ethiopia — in the archipelago Dahlag, «and even in some other places.» Current capacity — is about 50 percent of the potential of the USSR, said Victor Murakhovski. In his view, Americans now have about 500 are military bases in different parts of the world, trying to prevent the restoration of Russian military influence placement Russian bases into Central Asia and the Asia-Pacific Region (APR). This story goes with Russian military base in Kant, Kyrgyzstan. «Amerikosy seek to control the main trade routes of the Pacific, where their main trading partners and strong military powers are China, Japan, Korea. And we in this region was nothing. Only recently recreated Kamran «- said Viktor Murakhovski. He added that the Americans also decided to throw their own nine bases in Afghanistan, despite the upcoming withdrawal of coalition forces, ISAF.
«Afghanistan will be withdrawn from about 30 thousand ISAF, but the base will remain under the pretext of learning the newest creation Fri Afghan army. They will be a fortified castle that will keep the fire under control vast areas, «- Victor saw Murakhovski.

The expert believes that criticized at the moment management of ex-Minister Anatoly Serdyukov did not affect the question of the creation of new centers of the Russian Federation abroad. «I would really so bad to Serdyukov did not take, though he acted in line with the course of military reform, which was developed by the Council of State Security, the Russian president before the 2008 events in the Caucasus. Operations in South Ossetia were forced to promote faster military reform — a compact Prof. army compound is permanent readiness, increase shred contract, humanization of military service. Were the Minister of individual errors and distortions in the field of military education, military medicine and outsourcing areas of implementation (only on Fri unchanged dislocation) in upgrading and establishing a dialogue with the conventional industry, but at the moment they are corrected, «- said the expert.
He believes that there is Anatoly Serdyukov and awards: «Specifically, we deployed it at military bases in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, transferred the 201st military base absolutely the contract system. So there was a lot of Anatoly Serdyukov and decent. «

Murakhovski Victor explained that the costs of maintaining military bases are determined by bilateral agreements, «Our homeland carries major embezzlement plus incurs obligations towards the host for the supply of arms and equipment, training of military personnel. We, as I know, do not pay for the content databases, as Americans, and compensate like this barter. «

The expert does not think that the military base on the territory of Armenia may close: «There stands a motorized infantry brigade, battalion S-300 air squadron. This framework guarantees the territorial integrity of Armenia. «

Just seems he unshakable position and RF based in Sevastopol, which is discussed by the intergovernmental agreement, «Our homeland, in case of conflict, shall be legitimate to resist and support experiences a population of Crimea.»
Victor Murakhovski saw that need to maintain the highest level of security, because it is not necessary to transfer the military budget, as proposed by many social costs, and that it can happen (the defeat in the war), and that there will be nothing to pay. Especially since more than 20 years in the army did not allocate resources fairly, it has led to the fact that the North Caucasus in 2-Chechen campaigns, «the army we do not actually have, and had shapeless rabble (unmanaged conglomerate) people greenish form. Then occurred the most experienced officers of leaching.

As for the modern army, then by professional beliefs, conducted in summer test demonstrate that it is in satisfactory condition, but we need to, «so that was a decent, or even better — in a great.» For this it is necessary to rearm the army and planned increase in spending on rearmament. One third of the funds will be mastered before 2015 and two thirds — after 2015. The emphasis is on upgrading of reconnaissance and communications, aerospace defense, aviation, precision instrument, percussion instrument and strategic nuclear forces — our «sacred cow.» Next year, more than 40 intercontinental ballistic missiles of the new issue will be delivered to the troops, said Victor Murakhovski.
Becoming increasingly important to the introduction of unmanned aerial vehicles — no fees, no declaration of war. Americans are flying over Iran to strike Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and other countries. RF will also pay great attention to this area.

The question of how the presence of Russian peacekeepers actually in Syria after the Geneva Conference-2, the expert noted that it is unlikely. «There is an experience attacks on Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia, and everyone knows what it led to. Those who wish to use the peacekeeping forces for their own purposes, really do not wish that the Russians were present in Syria. Negotiators, first from the West, try to peacekeeping forces entered the third countries: India, Pakistan, Japan, «- he graduated from his performance in the program» Viewpoint » editor in chief of the magazine «Arsenal Fatherland» Victor Murakhovski.

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