Russian Navy may abandon ship SPAR «Dirk-M» in favor of a new set of «Mace»

Russian Navy may abandon ship SPAR

TSAMTO, January 4. Russian Navy may abandon ship’s anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex (SPAR) «Dirk-M» in favor of a new set of «Mace» — sea analogue land «shell» write «Izvestia».

According to the newspaper, which refers to a source in the Main Command of the Navy, the decision will be made about the substitution first of next year.

A source said, «Izvestia», «Commander in Chief Victor CHIRKIN already submitted a report on the need to resume work on the» Mace. » If he agrees with experts, and the Tula KBP promises to finish and test complex for 2-3 years. «

According to the newspaper, «the Defense Ministry stopped funding programs from» Mace «in 2008, making a bet on a purely missile» Redoubt «.

PCU representative said «News» that «Armour» and «Mace» are not similar complexes and expressed confidence that «Mace» will be better in all respects obsolete «Dirk-M.»

But the engineer of one of the shipyards involved in the project, said, «Izvestia» that «put» Mace «yet nowhere: in new ships of old and yet no configurations in the project documentation is not made.»

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