Russian Norwegian fish thronging

Domestic products — pink, chum and sockeye — displace imported salmon and trout (mainly from Norway) from the Russian market amid rising world prices and the active salmon season in the Far East Wholesale prices for chilled Norwegian salmon in the central region of the Russian Federation reached a historical high of 345-360 rubles per kilogram. The prices for pink salmon began from 55 rubles per kilogram, for chum salmon — from 65 rubles for sockeye — from 115 rubles per kilogram.

The main problem is the presence of sea lice that have a negative impact on the fish and reduces its growth, as well as action to combat violations of Rosselkhoznadzor veterinary and sanitary requirements of the Customs Union of Russia, and from foreign producers.

Rising prices for food and other related costs also increases the cost of production.

At the same time, Russia is gaining momentum salmon fishing season in the Far East, has already caught more than 1 million tons of fish. Forecast yield in 2013 is 315 thousand tons.

Deliveries of Norwegian salmon to the Russian market in April fell by 19.6% to 8,429 tonnes of trout — by 16.2% to 2,334 tonnes.

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