Russian psychiatrist spoke about the impact of Aum Shinrikyo on the psyche




In the early 90's Shoko Asahara, now a Tokyo court sentenced to death by hanging, was in Moscow a welcome guest in the highest offices of the leading lights. On account of his thousands and thousands of broken human lives. MD, director of the clinical department of the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, Professor Yuri Polishchuk said that it represents an adept "Aum Shinrikyo" in terms of mental health, and how the followers of Asahara brought him to this state …

What mental disorders are characteristic of followers of "Aum Shinrikyo"? Who is most vulnerable to their destructive impact?
I'm with the year 1994 dealing with this problem. I can say that the most severe consequences happen in young people with unstable nervous system, beginning with a predisposition to mental disorders. Their already fragile nervous system is shattered under the influence of "spiritual practice." The consequences are disastrous. After all, "spiritual practices" of the same "Aum Shinrikyo" — a purposeful impact on the psyche, camouflaged under the "rites", "worship", "initiation", "meditation", and so on. These are complex systems of psycho-physical exercises. For example, in the "Aum Shinrikyo" adepts use special postures taken from yoga, which at first are static nature with muscle tension. Then go into these poses swinging and jumping on to that for long periods of time to the music.

And so harmless at first glance things like swinging and jumping to the music can pernicious influence on the psyche?
Yes. As a result, people fall into a state of religious ecstasy or trance. This so-called "altered state of consciousness" — polugipnoticheskoe and even hypnotic — that is an intermediate state between sleeping and waking. They arise visual illusions and hallucinations. Located in such a state, one sees a flash of light, balls, garlands, streams, sparks, hear the voice of the head of the sect — an imaginary voice — and experiencing unusual sensations in the body. In the "Aum Shinrikyo" he explains that it's an unusual feeling — a mystical movement of energy "kundalini", which originates in the coccyx, and then along the spine through the "chakras", goes through the "upper chakra" and rushes into space. So it is involved in the sect imagine, so it is suggested to them. In addition, they sometimes have headaches, dizziness, during such long hours (sometimes daily) meditation.
I have personally witnessed this many times in the giant sports complexes — "Olympic", "Dynamo". There were thousands of people. And I have seen many become pale, there is an increase in blood pressure. Executives sixth, by the way, were well aware of the consequences of these "exercises" — there was a special table where sat the doctor or nurse on duty. Adherents it was announced that in the event of sickness should go and get medical help …
But the direct damage to physical health — this is not the main evil. Basic, long-term damage is done to mental health. It is tough personality changes after such practices. Particularly significant changes occur after a stay in communication with the representatives of the sect in closed environments on some flats or outside the city. There's adherents live a long time, leaving the family. There are bombarded in the form of rites, rituals, in the form of reading religious literature, in the form of the numerous orders, instructions. And after a month and a half or two parents are no longer know their son or daughter. In front of them a robot, zombie, who says quite cold, impassive, mashinoobrazno. Appears alienation from parents and relatives. Such a person throws the study or to work, no longer interested in everything what he was interested in before. He becomes a fully-managed, dependent, manipulable.

Such a child is able to steal valuables from their parents and the money to be attributed to the sect?
Of course. Not only children, adults, too, are beginning to behave like this. Man becomes stale and ready to carry out any instruction, any instruction of the sect. That is actually a sect forms of these people slave force that works with the sect, cult, and thus make a profit, profit. In sect are worth the money, there are numerous cases of transfer of valuable property sects until the apartments and cars. In fact, it is a criminal misuse of the mentally ill (and cultists are exactly as) for profit sect.

Externally sectarians change?
As a psychiatrist, I am convinced that such a practice is always followed by an intense and physical exhaustion. Is superimposed on the dietary restrictions that preaches sect. Rejection of animal products, reducing the number of meals, a kind of long positions. At the same time, limited by the night's sleep, which leads to a state of chronic sleep deprivation. And in this state — we doctors know it perfectly, there is a burnout and increased suggestibility. When the adept in this state it is very easy to implement in the conscious and subconscious mind all the things that you need to convert it into an obedient robot. You can imagine yourself as a man, after all this might look like a man.

What mental illnesses are acquired in this way?
Depression, schizophrenia, neurosis. We have seen in psychiatric hospitals is quite pronounced patients who stay (even short — a month or two) in dealing with sectarian outbreak occurred schizophrenia. At the same time observed hallucinations and psychic automatism. The content and experience these hallucinations fully reflect what was said to these people in the sect. In the hospital they got the direction due to the wrong behavior and treated as deemed appropriate to treat patients in psychiatric hospitals. But when they were there, the sectarians were constantly trying to interfere with the healing process. They passed notes, they were trying to convince patients of dating does not take medication. Frighten them claiming it will cause great harm to their health. About delusions and hallucinations sectarians said as a sign of a special, exalted spiritual state, which supposedly adept at trying to take away. They were told that they now allegedly communicating with God, gained supernatural abilities to learn thoughts at a distance and so on. Moreover they were told that they — the pride of the sect that they should serve as an example for others … the thing is that these patients, being in a cult, as it can "infect" others — others imitate them and were themselves in the same state. All this is very scary stuff …

In Japan, "Aum Shinrikyo" appeared as a union of young people, mostly students who studied in the West, which are engaged in the creation of a new religion. As one would expect, at the very beginning of its existence, the organization has gone through a split, when it broke away from the group, which proclaimed — perhaps influenced by the then fashionable Osho Rajneesh — free sexual relationship. Remaining with Shoko Asahara students taking religious vows, began with new translations of Buddhist sutras and meditation in the lotus position.
In November 1992, a small group of Japanese from the six monks arrived in the throes of economic crisis in Russia, where inexpensively organized representation in the kindergarten in the metro area "Medvedkovo." In the conditions then they did not submit easily to rent at the international broadcasting radio station "Voice of Russia", was conducted from broadcasting in Japan. Later hour programs "Aum Shinrikyo" appeared on Radio "Mayak".
Although the first salaried employees "Aum Shinrikyo" in Russia, in particular, the first translator of the organization, Alexander Petrov, were not required to take any vows, for the development of branches in Russia needed additional capital, which could only be justified on the rapid growth of the organization. Therefore, at a meeting with the head of "Aum Shinrikyo" Shoko Asahara, held at the sports complex "Olympic", adopted simplified conditions for admission to the organization. Everyone who bought a ticket from a symbolic price of 1 ruble, including representatives of the Orthodox version of the newspaper "The light!" Automatically became a member of the organization. Hence the incredible figure of 36,000 members, later propagated by the Russian press.
In fact, even when the "aumovtsy" purchased the property on the Star Boulevard, 21, the organization of seminars attended no more than a total of 1500 people. Conditions of participation in them were so relieved that even those who did not have a sum of 27 rubles, could remain in the meditation lasted all night for free, promising to bring the money later on. Enrollment in the organization is still happening automatically, after filling in a simple little questionnaire data which have not been tested by anyone.
In Japan, the activities of such a youth organization, open to counteract extremely important for conservative politicians ideology rearmament could not last long. Besides "Aum Shinrikyo" in the country did not have any more funds, renting, according to its own data, only 18 sports halls for meditation. Acquired "Aum Shinrikyo" land of Mount Fuji, where it was proposed to establish a permanent training center for the group and has not been mastered.
Beginning of the process against the "Aum Shinrikyo" in Russia has not been substantiated by any accusations against her Russian followers. Ostankino Court Judge Irina Vorobiev, refused to open a criminal case on shaky grounds proposed by the representatives of the Parents Committee for the Salvation of Youth from Totalitarian Sects, died two weeks later. As you know, the further process of the court came down to a confrontation Parents' Committee, which brings together relatives of believers from many different organizations and human rights defenders, among whom was expelled from the Moscow Patriarchate priest Gleb Yakunin.
A former employee of the Soviet secret police in Japan Konstantin Preobrazhensky, speaking in court for the prosecution discovered that the entire amount you have won more than 70 victims of the activities of the sect, is reduced to the funds received from the sale of real estate on the Star Boulevard. No large amounts in the accounts of "Aum" was not. The proceeds from the sale of real estate money — about 3 billion rubles pre-reform — it was decided to split between about 26 plaintiffs to exclude from the list of the victims of those who took part in the workshops "Aum." However, the Office considered such a move illegal and seized the money, which quickly devoured by inflation.
The new process against the "Aum Shinrikyo" in Russia was based on information about the continuing activity of the organization whether in Yelets, whether in the village of Elec. As this process has remained virtually unnoticed by the press, the estate in 1999, only one or two claim to the sensation of the material on the Russian "aumovtsah" about its outcome is not known.

According to the Japanese newspaper "Japan Today", Shoko Asahara, whose real name is Shizuo Matsumoto, who was born in Kumamoto Prefecture in March 1955, is blind in his left eye and partially sighted in the right. In 1975, he graduated from the school for the blind Kumamoto Prefecture, and in 1977 he married. Before the founding of the first Buddhist group called "Aum Shinsen but Kai" in 1984, he owned a salon and a pharmacy acupuncture in Chiba Prefecture. In July 1987, the band changed its name to "Aum Shinrikyo", and in March 1995, when there was a gas attack in the Tokyo subway, its size in Japan reached 15,400 people.


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