Russian salaries: growing prosperity

  • Some Russian regions have caught up and overtaken Portugal
  • Some Russian regions have caught up and overtaken Portugal

Some Russian regions have caught up and overtaken Portugal.

According to published May 8 Rosstat data, the average salary in Russia in Q1 2013 amounted to 27,339 rubles., Which is 899 U.S. dollars (average exchange rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in the 1st quarter was equal to 30.41 rubles. $ 1). Accordingly, the average "net", the so-called net salary after deduction of 13% withholding tax in the country amounted to 23,785 rubles, or $ 782 dollars. For comparison, it's almost twice as much than was the average net salary in the spring of last year in Kiev ($ 431; hereinafter details of Swiss bank UBS in April-May 2012). It is significant that even in the poorest region of Russia, Dagestan, the average net wage in Q1 (15254 rubles. -13% = 13271 rubles., Or $ 436) was higher than in the richest region of Ukraine … In terms of average "pure" Russians pay about half the residents of the capital ahead of Romania (Bucharest was $ 520), the capital of Bulgaria (Sofia -536 $) and the capital of Egypt (Cairo-$ 582), and about 5% China overtook the inhabitants of the capital (in Beijing -742 $) and the capital city of Mexico (in Mexico $ 752). Russia's average net salary was approximately equal to last year's average gross wage in the capital of Lithuania (Vilnius, $ 790), Latvia (Riga $ 812) and Poland (Warsaw, was $ 821) …
Recall that only some 12-13 years ago, our salaries were on average three times, four times less than that of the Balts and the Poles. In January-March this year, the average net salary is higher than in Warsaw (in 2012) was a fifteen subjects of the Russian Federation. And in cities such as Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Vladivostok, Arkhangelsk, Severodvinsk, Irkutsk, Mezhdurechensk, Tomsk, Chita, Nakhodka, Blagoveshchensk, Birobidzhan, Magnitogorsk (Rosstat data and official. Municipalities. Sources for 2011-2012). It is interesting that the total number of inhabitants of these regions (approximately 39.5 million) exceeds the entire population of Poland (38.5 million inhabitants) — the sixth most populous country in Europe.
Eight subjects of the Russian Federation in terms of average net wages were already richer than all the Eastern European countries. A six subjects of the Russian Federation — plus the Taimyr Autonomous Region and the city of Norilsk with a total population of about 14.2 million, about as Sweden, along with Norway, has already overtaken the once seemingly unattainable Portugal, a country from the list of so-called "golden billion" with average gross salary of about 1,050 euros, or about $ 1,400.
Moreover, five Russian entities have already caught up with or surpassed even the capital of Portugal: Lisbon a year ago, the average net salary was $ 1,512. And also the capital of Greece: Athens -1533 $.
Three subjects of the Russian Federation has already surpassed the salaries of the capital's richest oil states of the Persian Gulf — the capital of Qatar (Doha-1570 $) and Bahrain (Manama in 1624), and the two subjects of the Russian Federation has already overtaken the capital of Taiwan (Taipei at $ -1745) and the capital of Israel ( in Tel Aviv, was $ 1,802), and almost overtook the capital of Italy (Rome, 1915 $).
And all this without very common in our co-payments in envelopes and 'black' salaries. So it goes.
And finally. Top 15 Russian regions in terms of average net salary ("clean") in the 1st quarter of 2013:

1) Chukotka 56580 rub. (1860 $);
2) the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Okrug 56239 rubles. (1849 $);
3) Nenets Autonomous Okrug 50825 rubles. ($ 1671);
4) Moscow 46939 rubles. ($ 1543);
5) Magadan 45933 rubles. ($ 1510);
6) the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug 43252 rub. ($ 1,422);
7) Sakhalin Region 39839 rubles. ($ 1310);
8) Kamchatka 38116 rubles. ($ 1253);
9) The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) 34647 rubles. ($ 1139);
10) Murmansk region 31648 rubles. ($ 1040);
11) The Republic of Komi 29881 rubles. ($ 982);
12) St. Petersburg 29670 rubles. ($ 975);
13) Moscow Region. 28697 rubles. ($ 943);
14) Khabarovsk Krai 26715 rubles. ($ 878);
15) Krasnoyarsk 25046 rub. ($ 823).

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