Russian scientist: Soon will come a new ice age



While the Frozen Britain is preparing to freeze the whole of April, and leading scientists fever inflate information about global warming, a Russian astrophysicist assures the public that the summer will be. Earth is definitely on the verge of another ice age.

Officially, the British summer had come two days ago, but millions of oppressed frost, yearning for the spring thaw, the British, are doomed to withstand at least one more month of winter.

The test will last until May cold. According to the predictions of weather forecasters, April days will delight except that low humidity. The temperature is unlikely to rise above 5 degrees. Meteorologists claim that such a cold spring had been more than two centuries.

And nothing, but the combination of frost with severe snowfalls, such as is observed everywhere in the UK, could be the beginning of a new ice age. The era of ice, according to the researchers, will begin next year and will last for two years.

Russian scientist, Dr. Habibullah Abdussamatov, employee Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory, is convinced that the endless cold this year — it's not a coincidence, but regular start of the apocalypse, which is a frozen planet. Dr. Abdussamatov believes that the sharp drop in the average temperature was predictable and inevitable.

Last global cooling, the so-called "Little Ice Age", the Earth has experienced over the years between 1650-1850, with the lowest temperature of the coldest its phases seen in Europe, North America and Greenland. "All the Dutch canals froze Greenland glaciers were growing up, people were forced to leave the place inhabited by many generations, — says the Russian scientist. — "There were times when the Thames and the Seine is completely frozen and periods when the temperature of the water in these rivers did not exceed 4 degrees. Humanity has flourished during warm periods and experienced periods of cold weather. Climate — this is what never was and never will be stable. "

But back in the April UK. The direction of high-altitude jet stream does not let spring come into its own, on the contrary, promises the risk of night frost and snow in the north and east of the country. Meteorologist Jonathan Powell, of Vantage Weather Service, said: "God knows, we all survived this long agony of winter, but if in the next month, people will not see the sun, my advice is this: use the services of a suitable carrier.

Lack of precipitation, it is certainly comforting, but do not forget the extra layer of warm clothing before going out. May I hope will become for us the salvation of this cold hell, at least according to forecasts, will be much better than now. But I fear that in the next year, the situation with the weather again exactly. "

Chill the current Easter beat last year's record eleven degrees below zero. The British have called February, March and beginning of April 2013, "the British lost in the spring." Meteorological Centre Met Office recorded a record drop in temperature in the area of North Wales, northern parts of the UK, in the north of Scotland.

"The weather is exceptional, unusually cold and unusually cold this long: small changes are expected until next week," commented the situation Met Office worker Steven Keats. "There is a risk of snow on the weekend, sometimes even snow will fall substantially, but nothing like a snow apocalypse last week, is not expected."

Travel industry in Britain is suffering huge losses, measured in tens of millions of pounds.

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