Russian space-saving motherboard Monokub

In June, CJSC "MCST" and JSC "INEUM im.I.S.Bruka" demonstrated a new design of compact mainboards "Monokub."

Because of this standard is constructive, small size and large number of interfaces board installed in various types of cases, has a wide range of applications. Based on it, you can collect a small office computer, candy bar, mini-server, or network storage. This development is aimed at the budget end of the market. Reduction in price of computers and their components — one of the important tasks of MCST.

Prepared for testing a prototype of a small-sized motherboard "Monokub" form factor mini-ITX. In charge is integrated heterogeneous multi-core processor "Elbrus 2C + 'with a clock frequency of 500 MHz. Elbrus 2C + — the first six-core microprocessor company MCST. It contains two core architecture Elbrus and 4 core digital signal processor (DSP) Elvis firm.

Built-in processor memory controller provides the dual-channel mode. To install the strips of RAM soldered on the board two slots standard DDR2-800. "Monokub" also has developed in JSC "MCST" south bridge "KPI", which provides support for the most common by far interfaces USB 2.0, SATAII, eSATA, PCI-Express 1.0 x8 and COM-port.

On the same chip integrated Gigabit Ethernet-controller entry and the corresponding connector on the rear panel. As are all the interfaces for input and output of audio, USB 2.0 connectors and eSATA, as well as DVI-Video output, which provides integrated functionality to the display card. As a means for cooling the CPU can use a cooler socket LGA775, including low-profile. In the near future we plan preparation fee for series production. It includes improvement of the structure (eg, an increase in the number of USB 2.0 ports on the back panel and the full-size connector PCI Express x16), and measures to reduce the cost.

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