Russian spacecraft will go to the domestic circuit

General Director of JSC "Russian Space Systems" (PKC) Gennady Raikunov said that the company plans to develop the domestic element base for use in on-board equipment of spacecraft. According to him, the RCC is planning to develop its own element basis, not only to buy microelectronics abroad. In addition, PKC intend to maximize refuse purchase of microelectronics such as Industrial and move on to a series of Military, a better Space.

 In addition, Gennady Raikunov said that experts consider the various ways of improving the reliability of the global navigation satellite system GLONASS as the creation of a "hot" reserve vehicles in orbit, and the "cold" — storing them on the ground.

According Raykunova question with a "hot" backup will be reviewed. Company or go to a "cold" backup, or to the "hot" backup will use other orbit. Currently, this issue is being discussed.

To date, the GLONASS system has 29 satellites, 24 of which are used for their intended purpose, two — are in orbital reserve, two — In maintenance, one — is at the stage of flight tests.

Speaking about the plans for the development of remote sensing, Gennady Raikunov told that PKC is going to move to a new range of devices, such as hyperspectrometer, processing and compression of images on board the spacecraft, construction of new types of on-board transmitter and antenna complexes.

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