Russian SvetaLED LED goes on sale


The service life of the LEDs in the lamp SvetaLED ® is 100 thousand hours, the manufacturer provides a guarantee of 10 years in the lamp unparalleled affordable price, same brand compact fluorescent lamps manufactured in Europe.

As noted in the company, the power LED lights correspond to 40W incandescent lamp and 60W consumes only 6W and 8W, respectively. "Innovative LED technology SvetaLED provides the greatest light output allows to reach new opportunities for energy savings (up to 92%), durability (service life up to 50 years), the quality of light output and compactness of the product", — explained in the report.

Retail price 6-cotton lamps will be about 450 rubles, and the output power will be equivalent to 60 incandescent cotton, announced today Alex Mokhnatkin, general director of "Svetlana-Optoelectronics."

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