Russian systems for laser cutting of metal on the domestic and international markets

More than 40 systems for laser cutting of metal design and manufacture of VNITEP (VNITEP — Advanced Laser Cutting Technology) in Dubna (Moscow region). Installed and operating in different regions of Russia.

A stronger position winning company VNITEP and in the external market: supply of equipment made in France, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.

In the summer of 2012 VNITEP took part in the tender for Evroprogramme and successfully won it. In February 2013 the company has put the machine on the enterprise "Promet Safe Ltd.", Bulgarian branch of the company "Promet" — the largest Russian manufacturer of safes and metal furniture. This machine is purchased under a state contract.

Currently, the company is preparing for the international specialized exhibition "Metal 2013". At this annual show of the largest machine tool production companies in the world in Moscow VNITEP not only traditionally presents its latest developments, but also conducts seminars and meetings on the production, operation and improvement of industrial laser processing of metal complexes. The company participates in other prestigious international forums, including abroad.

CJSC "VNITEP" VNITEP company is in business of laser technology since 2001, during the first two years of development team — graduates MIPT, Moscow State University, Moscow Higher Technical School — conducted a comprehensive research and development work, and in 2003 was made the first experimental complex of laser cutting COP-1 "Navigator" with a CO2 laser.

As a result of extensive testing and development of the pilot sample of 200 5g. came the first industrial complex CS-2 "Navigator" with a unique coordinate table to linear actuators, protected by a patent on the invention.
The company's commitment to implement the most promising innovations to improve their equipment led to the decision to begin testing of fiber lasers for industrial applications (2004). During the tests it was found that a fiber laser is much greater than the CO2 laser on critical process parameters.

In 2007 the serial production systems with a fiber laser
KS-3B "Navigator." In the market of laser technology appeared fundamentally new equipment.

In May 2008, the company VNITEP presented its products at the international exhibition "Metal — 2008." The complex KS-3 "Navigator" has caused great interest not only of potential buyers, but also the world's leading manufacturers of similar equipment.

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