Russian tank guns. The pre-95 107-mm guns Grabina

Artillery management Red Army until the mid 37th year was held as a drowning man clutches at a straw, with the sleeve 76-millimeter cannon standard 1902 restraining order and the development of a tank division artillery. But later Artillery Administration pulled the other extreme. In March, 38-year given the tactical and technical requirements for the design of 95-mm divisional guns (Grabin made according to the requirements of the standards experienced 95-millimeter cannon F-28), and after year Management, oblivious to the passing of tests 95-millimeter guns, decided to create a 107-mm divisional guns. The same story, but with a difference of a few months, and occurred with tank cannons.

The factory number 92 in March 1938 Artillery management issued the task of designing 95-mm tank gun. Grabin as usual working quickly, as early as September 38th, the administration sent a working draft of 95-mm tank gun F-39. Barrel consisted of casing and tubing. Shutter automatic vertical wedge. It was made two versions: the unitary (cartridge length 936 mm, in a T-28, he fed obliquely) and separate loading (shell length of 505 mm, 497 mm sleeve). Ballistics and ammunition were to coincide with the F-28 — 95-mm divisional gun (barrel length — 39 calibres.; Vertical aiming angle from -5 to +35 deg., Armor-piercing projectile weight — 13.3 kg, the initial velocity of the projectile — 630 m / s). Grabin, as usual, the approval of the project did not expect, and graduated from the drawings in advance and ordered a casting and forging.

Russian tank guns.  The pre-95 107-mm guns Grabina

Very first pre-production experienced tank HF 2 (different from the serial form and the dimensions of the tower guns and mask). In serial KV-2 tower had rounded sides

But he felt that the management of the Artillery wind blew in the direction of 107-mm divisional guns, cling Grabin groundwork for the F-28 and F-39 did not, and, having stopped work on 95-millimeter guns, began designing the 107-mm tank guns. Especially since it coincided with the eye on the tank guns of the Grabina. At least remember his words: "The tank wagon is for the gun." Grabin in 1940 with the project stands 107-mm tank gun F-42 has ballistics 107 — millimeter cannon reference 1910/30 years, and in April 41th, invited to do 45 days in the latest 107 — millimeter tank gun having ballistics newest divisional M-60. After only 77 days after it was the beginning of the design factory number 92 started issuing serial 107-mm tank gun ZIS-6. Tests ZIS-6 mounted on the KV-2 began in May 1941 Ballistics latest gun was a bit better than the ballistics of the M-60. ZIS-6 had a separate-case loading. The liner and shell served in a tray manually, their dosylka in the bolt due to the recoil energy is satisfied automatically.

Russian tank guns.  The pre-95 107-mm guns Grabina
Ace tank HF-13, U-11 howitzer made on the basis of the M-30 howitzer

It is clear that the tank KV-2 has a huge tower was suitable only for testing gun ZIS-6. Kotin Grabina fooled, saying the Central Committee that under the ZIS-6 tank will be ready when it's ready gun. When the war did about 800 guns, and Kotin, a reference to the manufacturing of pre-KV-2 did not even begin. In the end, all made guns go for scrap. In general, MN Svirin gives some other information on the number of issued guns:

Batch creation of guns ZIS-6 began on July 1 and according to the report of the plant number 92 "in July and August 1941 was 5 serial guns ZIS-6, after their creation languid discontinued because of the unwillingness of the tank." All expressions, which in 1941 was released a few hundred ZIS-6, are not supported by documentary

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According to the article by Alexander Shirokorad, the magazine "Arms and equipment"

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