Russian vaccine against HIV has passed the first phase of testing (Novosibirsk)

Novosibirsk virologists have successfully conducted the first phase of clinical trials of an experimental vaccine against HIV infection, developed at the SSC of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector"

Head of the Research Center "Vector" Alexander Sergeyev said that in the course of research vaccination evoked response of both humoral and cellular arms of the immune system. According to him, this is the essential difference between domestic preparation of analogues, developed abroad. 

Sergeyev also noted that the first phase of testing has shown good tolerability of vaccine. He added that the decision to continue the research should take the Scientific Center for Expertise of Medical Products, which controls the conduct of clinical trials in the country. 

As previously reported, the development of domestic vaccine against HIV infection Russian government has allocated in 2007 one billion rubles. As a result, experts SSC "Vector" developed the drug "KombiVIChvak", the Institute of Immunology of Russia — "VICHREPOL", and at the Research Institute of Highly Pure preparations together with St. Petersburg State University was established vaccine "DNA-4." 

Permission for the first phase of clinical trials, "KombiVIChvaka" and "DNA-4" was issued in November 2010. At the time, the developers' VICHREPOL "started the second phase of testing.

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