Russian volleyball players have won the World Cup!

Russian volleyball players have won the World Cup in Japan. Wards Vladimir Alekno won two games in the final match with Poland, which prematurely brought them victory in the tournament, and took the upper hand in the decisive fifth game in this match.


Russian men's national volleyball on a positive note completed the pre-Olympic season by winning the World Cup in Japan. In the last match of our team in a match against Poland had to win two of three games to get past an opponent with which wards Vladimir Alekno managed.

Season turned out for the volleyball team, on the whole, successful. After returning to coach the bridge Vladimir Alekno our guys finally subdued World League — in the final of the tournament was played with for a long time were considered invincible Brazilians. Slightly spoiled season setback at the continental championship, where the Russians failed to reach the final and, therefore, to achieve a direct ticket to the World Cup. Fortunately, the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) has provided our team wild card, as they say, made the right decision.


The day before the tournament Russians secured their ticket to the Olympic Games in London, winning in three sets to a team of Iran, which in the tournament managed to pull the nerves favorites. Critical from the point of view of determining the winner of the tournament for us not getting the match with Brazil, which, though defeated Alekno wards in three games, but managed to lose three times and risked not get into the "Olympic" top three. The competitors were considered Poles who, unlike the Russians lost in two games — Iran and Brazil.

Lose the Asian team and became wards experienced Italian coach Andrea Anastasi fatal.


In this regard, the Russians had enough to win two games in 1999 to become the winner of the World Cup. Recall that in the history of the tournament (since 1965), our won it five times, including the success of the national team of the USSR in 1965, 1977, 1981 and 1991. Current winning managed to break the hegemony of the Brazilians, who won in Japan twice — in 2003 and 2007.

Rivals exchanged victories in the first two batches, winning "over the box" with a difference of two points. Decisive was the third party in which with the help of Alexander Volkov, who began the match in hand, managed to achieve more meaningful victory — 25:22.
After that Alekno removed from the game by Denis Biryukov and Alexander Butko binder, giving an opportunity to prove to Paul experienced Kruglov, Sergei Makarov and, especially, to the best player of the World Cup-1999 Roman Yakovlev.


The fourth set Poles won by a wide margin — 25:17, and here in our fifth championship showed character. Losing with a score of 9:14, at the expense of successful innings and block the Russians managed to score five points in a row and turn the game in their favor — 17:15. Our this victory, unlike the Poles see out the match, was more necessary.

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