Russian wiki-projects

In January 2013 marks the 4-year Russian wiki-projects, which are developed by our countrymen, and not financed by foreign donors —Wiki talkand Tsiklopedii.

The first wiki-project User User — an alternative site "Lurkomore", which contains a significant abuse in many articles, especially those related to Russia. Editorial seeks to minimize obscene language, the use of Russian language instead of Internet slang to describe events on the Internet. The articles are not offended by Russian and pro-Russian remains a point of view, especially to bloggers, users Youtube and VKontakte. An example of a blogger article — "Hunter"On the site -"Web Election 2012. "

Tsiklopediya — the Russian alternative to Wikipedia, which are physically controlled by foreign fund «Wikimedia», and the materials for political engagement projects. Examples of articles — "Chronology of the largest projects in the Russian economy","Putin's martial arts classes. " A lot of material devoted to Catch Phrase, life, said. Separate emphasis on keeping items that are excluded from the Wikipedia moderators her, but of interest to readers.

In this case, the projects are not politically oriented — they do not support specific politicians, but when you have to describe them, they represent the views objectively, as they are perceived by the population of the country, rather than specific groups. The main objectives of the projects — the objectivity and verifiability of information.

At the time of this writing, a total of Wiki projects written in about 17,000 articles.

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