Samara Bend — one of the most anomalous zones of the world

Only in the last few years there have been more than 1,000 paranormal. Often, there are such things as "cat ears" — rays of light that appear out of nowhere. A so-called "cat's eyes" — some glowing lights seen over Zhiguli mountains.

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Encounters with Sasquatch — also uncommon event for local residents. For example, one of these meetings took place in 1950 on the edge of the forest. And in 1977, met a man from Snowy resident Zhigulyovsk. Going into the woods, she strayed from the satellite and at some point felt the presence of near self being. Turning around, a local woman saw something two meters tall with deep-set eyes and furry.

A few years ago in the village of Woods on the grainy fields were discovered abnormal circles. According to the UFO, the phenomenon is in fact abnormal, and UFOs in these places — not rare visitors.

Famous in the Samara Bend and Mount Svetelka. Locals say that it wishes to make come true, come true. Beliefs relate that some of the people who have risen to the mountain, found happiness in his personal life, while others became successful in business. Some have even discovered their ability to read thoughts. Therefore, it has become a popular place for scholars and pilgrims all over the world.

White Stone — the rock, which is known as the place where the road goes from nowhere and lead to nowhere. Powerless here and time. People who used to come to the mountain, they say that there is a period of time otherwise. They were there for a few days, but were convinced that it is only a few hours. They say that people here get into another reality where other places, another nature. And on the white stone, as if on cue, a sudden stop and start working phones and video cameras.

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